68 Thousand Properties in Turkey Sold to Foreigners in 2021

More than ten years have passed, and the Turkish real estate market is still proving its worth and its investment strength, which attracts real estate investors from various countries, and statistics still indicate a high number of foreigners coming to buy a property in Turkey with a desire to reside, invest or obtain a Turkish passport.

68 Thousand Properties Sold to Foreigners in 2021

Recently, the Turkish general director of land registry announced the sale of 68,600 properties to foreigners in 2021, which indicates the continuous increase in the numbers of foreigners coming to the Turkish real estate market, which confirms that we are at the best time to buy a property in Turkey.

It was reported in various media outlets that the director of land registry, Muhammad Zaki Adli, said that real estate sales to foreigners have increased significantly since 2018, ensuring that Turkey constitutes to be the safety place to many citizens, who bought 64,500 homes and about 4,000 lands with a value of 40 billion dollars.

He pointed out that the citizens of Iraq and Iran came at the forefront of foreigners who bought the most real estate in Turkey last year, followed by the Russians, the British, the Germans, and the Afghans.

He also explained that Istanbul is at the top of the list of cities selling real estate to foreigners, followed by Antalya, Ankara and mugla.

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