Seven Reasons That Attract Investors to Invest in The Turkish Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing an impressive renaissance in an impressive way for the near and far in the past ten years, and the issue of Investment in real estate in Istanbul and in Turkey as a whole is emerging as one of the most important areas of investment in the entire Turkish economy, and in this regard, the investor must ask about the most important reasons That attracts investors to the Turkish real estate market, where real estate investments differentiate according to their location, and the elements of success that support them. Each site has its advantages, and every investment is essential to its success. In general, turkey real estate investment comes as a pioneer among all other investments, because it is the safest one, and because it is linked to a permanent life need which is the need of the home, the value of the property usually increases, achieving increasing profits over time, with the possibility of almost zero loss.

Seven Reasons That Attract Investors to Invest in The Turkish Real Estate Market

Previous statistics have shown that the number of properties sold in Istanbul alone during the month of March of last year 2019 reached 4321 properties, and Turkey was ranked among the list of best countries to own a property in it, and Istanbul ranked ninth among the most visited countries on The world level in 2018, preceded by that of Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Rome and Los Angeles, and other important tourist cities, and Istanbul is considered one of the biggest real estate selling points, and the best types of real estate investment are available in Turkey, and here are the seven most important reasons that attract investors from all Over the world to Turkish investment in the real estate market, including – most importantly – gravitate towards any Real Estate Investment in Istanbul:

  1. Thriving economy: Despite the Turkish Lira crisis that the Turkish economy recently witnessed, the Turkish economy ranks first among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in terms of growth, and the third place compared to the countries of the European Union, and currently Turkey occupies 16th place on the list The largest economies in the world, and aspires to be among the top 10 economies in the world.

  2. Giant projects: The importance of Turkey – especially Istanbul – has doubled in recent years, as a result of huge projects invested by the government, and today six projects have been completed in Turkey, which are considered among the top ten major projects in the world, these large investment projects maintain The stability of Turkey and will lead to a comprehensive and positive change at the economic and social levels, and will make the city as Istanbul the capital of the modern economic world due to its important strategic location, and among the most important of these projects is the new Istanbul airport and the Istanbul Canal project.

  3. Strategic location: Turkey is characterized by an important strategic geographical location, which enables it to play a large and growing role in the global economy and trade system, as it is a passage for the crossing of primary commodities, and represents the meeting point between three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe, and Turkey is also considered the bridge between countries Arab and the group of countries in the Middle East region in general and between the European Union.

  4. Luxury apartments: Turkish real estate companies have built a large number of urban projects that meet the needs of all investors and those who want to buy apartments, and many foreigners are also heading to buying real estate in Turkey, which is racing against our present time with highly technical capabilities of modernity, progress, luxury, and shorten time It works to carry out the vital tasks of its owners with the help of the latest modern technology.

  5. Low Prices: Prices across Turkey are low compared to other global cities because Turkish cities – especially Istanbul – are developing cities, and this opens a wide door of real estate in Istanbul for investment classes at all levels and provides the opportunity to enter the market with various budgets, the investor can achieve high and relatively low income This allows Turkey to be chosen from among the 10 best countries to buy real estate for the year 2018, while data from the Turkish Statistics Foundation indicate that non-Turkish foreigners prefer to buy real estate. She saw in Istanbul in particular.

  6. Low taxes and government facilities: The Turkish government provides multiple facilities and incentives for the real estate sector, these facilities come in the form of tax cuts and government facilities, and the so-called real estate residence, as the Turkish government has undertaken many measures during the last year to support this vital sector And, she took several steps to facilitate the bureaucratic and governmental side of foreign investors as much as possible, which increases real estate investment opportunities in Turkey.

  7. Turkish citizenship: After the issuance of the law to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property in turkey , the real estate investor can easily obtain turkey citizenship by owning real estate investment of a certain value that is reasonable compared to the conditions of other countries, in addition to that the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship are distinguished through Real estate ownership is easy, smooth and fast. The number of Turkish citizenship through real estate investment has increased significantly in recent times.


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