What Distinguishes Real Estate Investment in Turkey from Other Investments?

Economists confirm that real estate investment in Turkey is one of the best types of investments because of its vitality and stability, making it one of the most profitable investments in the Turkish economy market, which has proven its strength after standing in the face of crises and recovering quickly, confirming its internal strength.

While investors are looking for the optimal market for their investments, economists assert that investing in the real estate market is the safest investment, because the demand for a home or office never stops, and because of the low risk compared to other fields.

What Distinguishes Real Estate Investment in Turkey from Other Investments?

Statistics issued by the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate an increase in the volume of demand for the real estate market in Turkey, which indicates the vitality of this market and confirms the importance of this investment sector in Turkey, especially in major cities. With the Corona crisis, the real estate sector has proven to be one of the most successful investment sectors in Turkey. What makes the decision to invest in real estate in Turkey at the current time is a right decision.

The price increase has reached 30% in a short period in some investments, and rental prices have increased by 70% in some Turkish cities, but successful real estate investment requires a successful investor who knows the conditions of real estate investment and knows how to choose the property to invest, what are the factors that affect In the success of real estate investing?

  • The location of the property (the more central or lively the location of the property, the more rapidly its price can be increased).

  • The age of the property (the more the property is new,  the greater the property demand for it).

  • Quality of the property and services (properties built with luxurious materials remains attractive, unlike those built with ordinary materials, and at the same time, residential complexes in Istanbul in particular compete with each other in the quality of services they provide to residents and social areas such as swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, etc…).

  • Consultation with specialists in real estate market, and choosing a trusted real estate agent that the investor can rely on in the process of buying, leasing or selling.

  • Personal review by the investor of all the details of the property before buying it and directly inspecting it if possible.

  • Getting good marketing service and real estate management that will definitely lead to a successful investment deal.

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