Covid-19 Business Update

Estate Nation under the crisis of COVID-19

With the new situation imposed by the pandemic of the Corona Virus pandemic on the world and the global economy in all its sectors, economic institutions have found themselves facing a new reality that has forced them to make radical changes in the way of supply, service and dealing with customers, instead of surrendering to stagnation and stillness that may entail serious repercussions on all facilities Life if we surrender to him.

On this basis, and in response to the new health reality, “Estate Nation” has introduced some new updates in its method of work and ways of communicating with customers and investors who want to buy apartments in Istanbul in a way that combines health safety for all, and achieving the maximum possible comfort and reliability in dealing at the same time, and that Through the following steps:

  • Providing a safe and integrated healthy atmosphere for clients wishing to make field trips to real estate projects in Istanbul, by providing masks, gloves and sterilizers to clients, and adhering to them with the rules of social separation, without neglecting any elements of effective communication with customers, and asking buyers not to bring children or individuals Family if possible.

  • Our team is fully prepared to communicate with customers and serve them in the field or electronically at any time in a way that suits any customer in terms of health and mobility.

  • Introducing an online sale service to customers who want not to take field tours, with all the communications that this service includes with the customer, including the use of communication tools such as Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Zoom, and provide photos, plans and videos for projects, And then conducting sales and legal transactions in full remotely and over the Internet by sending a special agency to the company’s lawyer.

  • Conducting a number of field studies and research on the impact of the Corona pandemic on the Turkish real estate market and the Turkish economy in general, and follow-up work in the real estate sector in these exceptional circumstances, and provide solid and realistic encouragement to clients and investors who wish to continue in the Turkish real estate market.

  • Activate our company’s website and increase articles and explanations of real estate projects in Turkey, to offer a comprehensive real estate exhibition and reference for all clients and investors wherever they are around the world.

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Estate Nation under the crisis of COVID-19

Estate Nation company is working to secure the necessary protection, taking into account the changes in the labor market and adapting to it to achieve the best satisfactory results for our customers, and for that if you want to enter the Turkish real estate market in order to buy a property to live or invest in Istanbul while observing the pandemic conditions of Corona, we are ready to help you in reliable and safe ways. Call Now.