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Buying property in Turkey can be a rewarding and lucrative venture, but it can also be a complex process. Working with real estate professionals will provide you with several advantages, some less obvious. Before you begin pursuing your next investment opportunity and search for real estate property in Istanbul, consider the benefits of working with Estate Nation, which will improve the value of your ventures.

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Top Real Estate Projects in Istanbul

Kocaeli Student – EN141

From: TRY 580.000
: December 2020

Project Details

Ayaa Bahce – EN214

From: TRY 580.000
Delivery: December 2020

Project Details

Ola Tower - EN 234

Ola Tower- EN234

From: 983.000
Delivery: July 2020

Project Details

Award – EN104

From: TRY 334.000
Delivery: June 2020

Project Details

Anca Hayat – EN212

From: TRY 295.000
Ready To Move

Project Details

Est Ncaa Ottoman – EN213

From: TRY 240.000
December 2020

Project Details

Gulpar Yuva – EN211

From: TRY 947.000
March 2020

Projects Details

Nov Zaar  – EN210

From: TRY 461.000
April 2020

Project Details

Est Prime – EN 209

From: TRY 758.000
March 2021

Project Details

Ist Orama Evleri – EN208

From: TRY 800.000
March 2021

Project Details

Basaksehir Valley – EN105

From : TRY 909.000
Delivery: April 2020

Project Details

Story Bahcesehir – EN103

From: TRY 474.000
Delivery: December 2020

Project Details

Sea City – EN112

From: TRY 678.000
Delivery: December 2019

Project Details

Cord Express – EN168

From: TRY 788.000
Delivery: August 2020

Project Details

Europe Home – EN113

From: TRY 1.008.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Bomonti Centre – EN125

From: TRY 1362.000
Delivery: June 2020

Project Details


Levent Pearl – EN183

From: TRY 950.000
Ready To Move

Project Details

Hotel Apartments - EN185

Hotel Apartments – EN185

From: $281.000
Delivery: June 2020

Project Details

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Real Estate Professionals Saves Time

One of the greatest advantages to working with us is in the time it will save you. For instance, consider the time you would spend just deciding which type of property suits your interests. This can be an exhaustive and frustrating process to do on your own, especially when you have so many other obligations. Alternatively, it takes only a few minutes to describing to us what you’re looking for. From there, Estate Nation agents use our resources to search comprehensive lists of available properties. While you’re attending to your other responsibilities, we’re assembling a list of properties that best fit your needs.

An Expert Negotiator at Your Disposal

When buying property in Turkey, you will need someone with a proven talent for negotiating. Many people struggle in this area, but Estate Nation has years of experience. We have the skills to help you get the best possible deal on the properties you want to purchase. In fact, negotiating a good deal is something that our agents most enjoy. Our passion for negotiations makes us more effective than the common layperson at the bargaining table.

Experience Matters when Handling Administrative Tasks

Investing in property in Turkey involves more than just locating an ideal property and negotiating a good deal. This process also involves filing mountains of paperwork. Due to the large amount of administrative tasks involved in just one transaction, many people accidentally file incomplete forms, forget to submit required information, or miss a deadline. Any of these errors could cause you to lose the property and may even compel you to pay fines. However, our agency has years of experience and knows exactly how to submit forms and documents. Our staff has done this so many times that we can file the information more efficiently and ensure all deadlines are met.

We Have Specialized Market Insight

Like professionals in any industry, our agents have strategies and tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Our agents use data analytics and other applications to help us interpret market data. This means we have specialized insight that you might not have access to on your own.

At Estate Nation, we use this type of data analysis to examine the market’s current performance and estimate how it will perform in the future. This can take much of the guesswork out of investing in properties in Istanbul, reducing your risk of loss by that much more.

Agents Work on the Go

Real estate transactions are often time-sensitive, especially when you’re trying to negotiate a sale in a desirable market. This means being accessible at a moment’s notice and, while that may not be possible for you, EstateNation’s real estate professionals are always prepared for this.

Our team makes use of mobile devices, special apps, and other technology to ensure that we can be reached at any time, wherever we may be.

Additionally, our agents now make use of cloud storage, so documents can be downloaded and printed from any computer terminal. This is essentially like taking our office on the road with us.

Your time is valuable, so you don’t want to be interrupted with constant phone calls, text messages, and emails. When trying to buy real estate in Istanbul, sellers will try to maintain contact with you, which can become overwhelming. However, when you work through EstateNation, all communication is filtered through our office. We’ll sort through messages to weed out unwanted ones, ensuring that your day is only interrupted with important and time-sensitive messages. Later, when you have the time to give your undivided attention, your EstateNation agent will discuss non-urgent matters with you. In this way, we act as a buffer, saving you a great deal of time.

Networking is important in any profession, but especially for real estate agents. Professional networking helps us learn about other service professionals that may be useful for your investment project. Chances are good that you’ll need to make improvements or modifications after you buy property in Istanbul. Whether you intend to resell the property or maintain it as rental property, you may need to work with general contractors, electricians, technicians, and many other skilled professionals. We also have the resources to guide you towards finding other area resources and services that you may need.

The laws that affect real estate transactions in Turkey are complex and specific, which means that special expertise are often required to interpret them. If you’re handling your transactions on your own, you’ll have to take the time to learn about these laws and ensure you follow the guidelines. However, our experienced real estate agents are familiar with these laws and will ensure you remain compliant. This is especially important because it can save you from suffering legal ramifications at every stage of the process. Many laws govern real estate, so having one of our professionals handle these conditions can be a great benefit.

Even if you aren’t buying property in Turkey for personal use, you’ll be concerned with the quality of the neighborhood. Your return on investment will rely on your ability to either resell or lease the property to another person or entity. A neighborhood with a poor reputation and few resources may be undesirable to potential prospects, making it more difficult for you to see a profit on your investment. Alternatively, our real estate agents are familiar with various neighborhoods in the market and can steer you toward more desirable locations. In this way, our professional EstateNation agents can help you minimize your investment risk.

As you begin searching for a real estate in Turkey on your own, your resources may be limited to what you can find in published listings. However, our EstateNation real estate agents pride themselves on their ability to learn about new possibilities before they’re made public. As you discuss your interests with one of our agents, we may be aware of an upcoming project that will suit your needs ideally. This can help you get in on new investment projects early, helping you maximize potential gains.

Our professional agents can also save you money on property purchases. We’re familiar with the markets and possess a general understanding of property costs in each area. Working on your own, you might not know when a seller is asking too much for a given property. Our real estate agents will be able to advise against meeting that price. Instead, they can help you negotiate a more favorable price. The difference can sometimes save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Benefit from Added Insight

A second pair of eyes is always helpful and, as your adviser, Estate Nation will always act with your best interests in mind. This means we will alert you to faults and hazards with a property that may force you to make costly repairs. While you’re certainly entitled to purchase the property in any case, we’re there to make sure you know about any problems in advance. We want to ensure you’re satisfied with every transaction, so we’ll make sure there are no unfortunate surprises. Our agents will work hard to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

If you’re ready to pursue your real estate investment goals with an Istanbul professional, contact our offices at your earliest convenience. We will consult with you to identify your goals and help you develop a strong strategy to meet them. Together, we will help you build a rewarding real estate investment portfolio.

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