Real estate sold to foreigners exceeds more than 400,000 properties

Real estate sold to foreigners exceeds 400,000 properties , A decade has passed when Turkey became an investment magnet for investors from all over the world, and their numbers are still increasing day by day.


Real estate sold to foreigners exceeds more than 400,000 properties

With the great economic growth in which the real estate sector has been a major focus, Al-Ikhlas News Agency quoted real estate expert Mustafa Hakan Özil Majiki as saying that the number of real estate properties for foreigners increased from 352,096 properties to 400,000 properties and 907 properties within one year.

He stressed that Istanbul ranked first among the states favored by foreign investors, as the number of foreigners who owned in Istanbul reached 95,580, followed by Antalya, Mugla, Aydin, and Bursa.

Istanbul has a high attractiveness that qualified it to be the best seller of real estate in Turkey for foreigners or citizens. You can see many distinctive projects in the charming city through your contact with Estate nation.

The aforementioned expert indicated that Iraqis are at the top of the list of nationalities that buy the most real estate in Istanbul, but at the same time, they come in third place in terms of buying real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship. 28,364 investors, then the Iranians, who number 23,334, followed by the Russians, then the Germans, then the Kuwaitis, then the Saudis.

While the Iraqis remained in third place among the list of nationalities most obtaining Turkish citizenship, the Iranians came at the top of the list, as the number of those obtaining Turkish citizenship reached 3,724 investors, followed by Afghans and then the Iraqis, as we mentioned.

It is known that the Turkish government has amended the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment for foreigners, providing great facilities for those looking for safe investment opportunities while investing in globally distinguished citizenship. You can learn more about the advantages of the Turkish passport here.

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