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Who is Estate Nation

We help people to make a better decision for buying property in Turkey. Our success will always be measured by the happiness and the loyalty of our clients.

About EstateNation

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to serve every client. To do that, we know we have to be more than an average real estate agency. We want to help each client learn and grow through their experiences with Estate Nation.

To accomplish that goal, each of our professionals serves as a mentor, or coach. In helping our clients buy property in Istanbul, we seek to grow as professionals ourselves. We’re just as ambitious and competitive as any real estate business, except that we use our customers’ satisfaction to measure our success. If we haven’t exceeded your expectations, we have failed. Our primary goal is to make you happy.

What Does Estate Nation Do


Estate Nation was founded on the principle of family, and that’s just how we strive to treat each client that comes to us to buy property in Turkey. To forge such close bonds, we strive to ensure each client is provided with honest and accurate information. While other agencies may leave you waiting for information, we recognize that properties in Istanbul are highly sought-after commodities. For this reason, you’ll always receive a timely response to every inquiry, no matter how minor it may seem.

No matter who you are, you will be a valued client at Estate Nation. We take on individuals and investors just as eagerly as we service larger companies and commercial firms. Our experienced team will work tirelessly to help you find the ideal property, whether you’re looking for a personal home or an investment opportunity. In that respect, our first objective is to connect you with the best property for your situation. By helping you realize your dream, we hope to build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship.

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

The Istanbul real estate market is quite complex, featuring opportunities for every interest and budget. Without the help of professionals, you may feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the market. When you work with Estate Nation, you will be fully informed about the market, opportunities, laws and paperwork that can affect your buying decision. EstateNation saves you from having to spend the time, energy and money to research the laws and regulations that affect each available property.

Additionally, we provide a professional market analysis, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into with each transaction. Before we begin negotiating any deal on your behalf, we’ll provide you with the data you need to determine if a property’s ROI makes the cost worthwhile. Our research will help you make wise financial decisions.

Throughout the process, we’ll attend to the details necessary to ensure your deal unfolds efficiently. This means meeting important deadlines and addressing any challenges that arise. When a problem is discovered that may affect a transaction, Estate Nation professionals research it thoroughly. This helps us present you with the best possible solutions, enabling you to make informed and speedy decisions.

Relying on our expertise at Estate Nation will help you make the most of your real estate investments. Our knowledge of the market and familiarity with local laws can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your real estate transactions proceed as smoothly and quickly as possible.

What Makes Estate Nation Stand Out

We only promise our clients what we’re confident we can deliver. Instead of bolstering our image, we’re more concerned with providing the results each client needs. Most real estate agencies simply go along with what everyone else is doing, never seeking to provide exceptional service. For EstateNation, upsetting the status quo is a source of pride. Our ambition and professional passion are matched by our eagerness to win your trust with honesty, dedication, and integrity.


We strive to understand the needs of each client, and we let this goal drive our actions. By placing ourselves within each person’s situation, we can better rise to meet the challenges that drive our clients to seek us out. We strive to satisfy every client by providing customized service and delivering the personal attention required to build trust. When we can make a client feel valued and important to our business growth, we believe we have succeeded in our mission.


We do not sell homes, yet we sell our knowledge and expertise about real estate in Istanbul, so that our clients can have better understanding to the market, and make the right decision

Real Estate Professionals Saves Time

One of the greatest advantages to working with us is in the time it will save you. For instance, consider the time you would spend just deciding which type of property suits your interests. This can be an exhaustive and frustrating process to do on your own, especially when you have so many other obligations. Alternatively, it takes only a few minutes to describing to us what you’re looking for. From there, Estate Nation agents use our resources to search comprehensive lists of available properties. While you’re attending to your other responsibilities, we’re assembling a list of properties that best fit your needs.

An Expert Negotiator at Your Disposal

When buying property in Turkey, you will need someone with a proven talent for negotiating. Many people struggle in this area, but Estate Nation has years of experience. We have the skills to help you get the best possible deal on the properties you want to purchase. In fact, negotiating a good deal is something that our agents most enjoy. Our passion for negotiations makes us more effective than the common layperson at the bargaining table.

Experience Matters when Handling Administrative Tasks

Investing in property in Turkey involves more than just locating an ideal property and negotiating a good deal. This process also involves filing mountains of paperwork. Due to the large amount of administrative tasks involved in just one transaction, many people accidentally file incomplete forms, forget to submit required information, or miss a deadline. Any of these errors could cause you to lose the property and may even compel you to pay fines. However, our agency has years of experience and knows exactly how to submit forms and documents. Our staff has done this so many times that we can file the information more efficiently and ensure all deadlines are met.

We Have Specialized Market Insight

Like professionals in any industry, our agents have strategies and tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Our agents use data analytics and other applications to help us interpret market data. This means we have specialized insight that you might not have access to on your own.

At Estate Nation, we use this type of data analysis to examine the market’s current performance and estimate how it will perform in the future. This can take much of the guesswork out of investing in properties in Istanbul, reducing your risk of loss by that much more.

Agents Work on the Go

Real estate transactions are often time-sensitive, especially when you’re trying to negotiate a sale in a desirable market. This means being accessible at a moment’s notice and, while that may not be possible for you, EstateNation’s real estate professionals are always prepared for this.

Our team makes use of mobile devices, special apps, and other technology to ensure that we can be reached at any time, wherever we may be.

Additionally, our agents now make use of cloud storage, so documents can be downloaded and printed from any computer terminal. This is essentially like taking our office on the road with us.

What Does This All Mean for You

When you work with Estate Nation team, you can rest assured you’ll be treated with the highest level of respect.
This means that, under any circumstances, Estate Nation will not mislead you for the purpose of completing a quick sale. Our goal isn’t just to make a profit. We want to ensure you find your best apartment and obtain favorable terms to help you complete the deal. If that means it takes a little longer to match you with a property, you can count on us to remain dedicated throughout the entire process.

Our business isn’t just about selling homes. It’s about building relationships with our clients that enable everyone to learn, evolve, and profit. We want each client to become familiar with the market so they can take advantage of the best available opportunities. Informed clients who can make confident and good decisions not only benefit themselves, but also help Estate Nation grow. Your success fuels our success as a well-respected company.

Often, when people make their first real estate investment in Istanbul, they doubt their decision. Even when they have researched the market and amassed details about a specific property, they may worry about making a mistake. While risk is a part of any investment, our goal is to eliminate that feeling of buyer’s remorse as much as possible. By educating each client and talking them through the process, we hope every client will feel confident about each real estate transaction. Once we build the client’s trust in themselves, we feel it is only natural for our clients to place their trust in Estate Nation.

If you’re ready to buy real estate in Istanbul, contact a friendly and knowledgeable Estate Nation representative today. Our team can answer every question you have, whether it’s about our company, the market, or general real estate practices. We want to teach you as you move forward so every experience is positive and profitable for you. By ensuring your success, we help ourselves grow.

Even if investing isn’t your goal at the moment, Estate Nation can help you find your dream home. Simply contact our office and discuss your needs with us. Together, we’ll search the market for the property that suits your terms. This means placing you in the right neighborhood, finding a home big enough to accommodate your family, or locating a property that can be used as an investment down the road.


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When you work with our team, you can feel confident we will strive to find the property that meets all your needs. Call us today for your first consultation and to learn more about what we can do for you.