Pakistan and Turkish Citizenship Dual Agreement

The dual citizenship agreement between Turkey and Pakistan represents the expected coronation of the evolving relations and the rapprochement day by day between the two countries, which combine one strategy to strengthen their presence in the region, and this agreement allows the Pakistanis the opportunity to obtain the Turkish passport with great privileges.

Pakistan and Turkish Citizenship Dual Agreement

Dual Nationality

These efforts are expected to culminate in the signing of the dual nationality agreement between Turkey and Pakistan, which the Turkish ambassador said is under study and that the Pakistani Ministry of Interior is also studying the issue.

Pakistan has signed dual nationality agreements with nineteen countries, allowing Pakistani citizens to acquire their nationality without leaving their original nationality.

And the number of Pakistanis in Turkey has increased in recent years and the proportion of Pakistanis investing in real estate in Turkey has increased significantly, which gives them the opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport through real estate investment, and the Pakistanis formed a large part of those who obtained Turkish citizenship after a number accepted Some of them are interested in the idea of ​​a Pakistani who owns real estate in Turkey as a promising investment field.

Shared history and fraternal relations

There is no longer a unipolar world, as recent years have witnessed major changes in the region. China’s economic shares in Pakistan and other regional countries have increased, and Russian-Pakistani relations have improved. Pakistani-American relations have been exposed to notable tensions, which led to Pakistan’s search for a strong ally that strengthens its presence and tightens Grow it and there was no better than the old ally, with whom the relationship has not had any problems in a long history.

Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize the state of Pakistan after its founding in 1947, and supported its accession to the United Nations, and printed its local currency in its official printing presses. Islamabad also hastened to condemn the recent coup in Turkey, and supported its position in the issue of Northern Cyprus Indeed, the Pakistanis launched a campaign to support when the last Turkish lira suffered an economic crisis, and Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” participated in three sessions of the Pakistani parliament in the years 2009, 2012 and 2016, and Pakistan placed “Fethullah Gulen” organization on the list of terrorist organizations and handed over schools Organizing the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Fruitful cooperation

The cooperation between the two countries represents a strategic formula for joint cooperation in various political, economic, commercial, health and energy fields. At a time when the military and strategic sectors witnessed a great development, the commercial and economic sectors witnessed remarkable growth. Pakistan has given Turkish businessmen priority, and Pakistani businessmen have turned to the rich world of Turkish investment with options. And the opportunity of businessmen expanded to create joint investments between Ankara and Islamabad, and as well Pakistanis buy property in Turkey it is with Pakistanis invest in real estate in Turkey also.

At a time when the government of the two countries seeks to achieve bilateral rapprochement, the two peoples witness a great social rapprochement, and the investment relationship grows more and more, especially in the real estate market, which is still proving its investment worth and its ability to face all circumstances, which makes the opportunity to buy real estate in Turkey today the ideal choice for those looking to invest Safe on a regional or even global level.

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