What are the steps to buy an apartment in Istanbul

The search for apartments for sale in Istanbul has become very common among Arabs residing in Turkey or coming to it from different regions, which made the question about the steps to buy an apartment in Istanbul or Turkey an urgent question that we answer in this article:

What are the steps to buy an apartment in Istanbul

If you are interested in getting an apartment in Istanbul, you must follow a set of steps and we at Estate Nation will support you to reach your dream apartment with ease.

1- Determine your goal: First of all, you must know your goal for the property you want to acquire. Are you looking for a family apartment or a property for investment? And do you prefer a large apartment or a small apartment? What are the specifications of the apartment you want? And what is your allocated budget? Do you know the areas of Istanbul that are most suitable for your desire and budget?!

It is necessary to answer these questions before proceeding with the project of owning an apartment.

2- Find a trusted real estate agent: In the Turkish real estate market, there are many real estate companies and agents who work as individuals in this field. You only need to search online to choose your real estate agent that you will put your trust in, by talking with his advisors and communicating with his former clients to know his reputation In the market and to see the quality of the service it provides, you can see our services to our customers, starting from receiving them at the airport to accompanying them on extensive tours in Istanbul, to negotiating with them to reach the right property at the best price always.

3- See for yourself: You must visit Turkey by yourself and walk around with your trusted agent to see the projects with your own eyes and closely inspect the apartment you want to buy, and if you cannot come by yourself or your agent cannot, we offer you a virtual tour service that helps you inspect the apartment And you are in your place of residence.

4- Paying the deposit: When you find the right apartment, you must pay an amount that proves your seriousness in buying, as it connects your words with the seller so that he cannot raise the price of the apartment after the initial agreement, and the deposit is usually no more than two thousand dollars, which is different from the first payment that is paid when writing The contract, which may reach 35% of the value of the property, and when writing the contract, it is necessary to fully agree on all the details and conditions and how to make payments, whether the sale is in cash or installments.

5- Obtain the title deed from the Land Registry: You can receive this paper as soon as you finish the apartment payments, and usually the last payment coincides with receiving this paper from the Land Registry, and it is the sure guarantor of your right to the apartment.

6- Real estate insurance and tax payment: For all your papers to remain legal, it is necessary to follow up on paying taxes on your property, the most important of which is the property transfer tax that is paid in the real estate registry and is estimated at 4% of the value of the property, and the property ownership tax is paid to the municipality, and it is also important to secure Your apartment and earthquake insurance payment, without which you cannot get water, electricity and gas subscriptions, you will need to obtain a tax number (Vergi), which is a number given to every foreigner to facilitate financial and official transactions, and your real estate agent will help you extract it.

If you want to get an apartment in Istanbul, then you are in the right place, just call us to see the finest projects, the best apartments, and access to the best prices… Call us now