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Your guide to real estate in Istanbul Beyoğlu – Taksim, Let us help you to find your best property in Turkey.

We must have all heard the name of “Taksim” and “Istiklal” Avenue, but these two important landmarks are only part of the strategically important “Beyoğlu” district, which is the heart of Istanbul’s art scene with its winding streets and extravagant museums.

Top Real Estate Projects in Beyoğlu

Taylabashi Taksim – EN216

Taylabashi Taksim – EN216

From: 2.099.000
Delivery: June 2020

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Majoraal – EN196

Majoraal – EN196

From: TRY 1.174.000
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Bezanian Esta - EN203

Bezanian Esta – EN203

From: TRY 1.745.000
Delivery: March 2020

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Location and Area:

“Taksim” is the vibrant and lifelike of the charming city of Istanbul, and “Beyoğlu” is the heart of it, which is the center of Istanbul on its European side. “Beşiktaş” area to the west, “Kağıthane” and Golden Horn to the north, “Şişli” district to the north and Istanbul seaport to the south

Spread over an area of ​​8.76 km, and inhabited by 24,250 people, and includes modern and sophisticated residential complexes, as well as old areas and archaeological neighborhoods attract tourists from all sides of the earth.

The most important landmarks of Beyoğlu:

People have lived in this region for centuries, and is the most European-like area of ​​Istanbul, it was the habitat of European traders during the nineteenth century, and was the first area and connected by electricity supply, telephone lines, tram and even underground train second London in British.

It is rich in various services and entertainment centers, and Beyoğlu schools are one of the finest schools in Istanbul, and the visitor to Istanbul must enjoy the various tourist facilities of Beyoğlu which are:

  • Istiklal Street is the vital lifeline of Istanbul, which includes the finest restaurants, cafes and shops.
  • Taksim Square Istanbul’s most famous square, is full of tourists in day and night.
  • Galata Tower which includes nine levels and dates back to 1348, and people still enjoy the unique panoramic view of the large city from this tower.
  • Pera Palace built in the 19th century and now a museum with many rare monuments.
  • Qamar Hatton Mosque which is attributed to the nursing of Sultan Selim I, was built in 1511 and is characterized by its wide area, stone walls and wooden ceiling.
  • Robinson Beyoğlu Library one of the oldest libraries of Istiklal Street, contains a selection of novels and books, and is the best place to manufacture luxury books storage.
  • Flower Pass is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Istanbul, and has its own character as it was once a street dedicated to the sale of flowers, and has become one of the most beautiful and quiet tourist places that visitors enjoy the restaurants and cafes that offer the finest Turkish males.

For lovers of dynamic life, and those who want to taste the diverse world of living, this region seems to be the most suitable accommodation for the distinctive taste that loves the lifestyle similar to continuous tourism.