Buy your property in Istanbul online

We live in an accelerated time revolving around a technological revolution that has invaded all the details of life. Buying an apartment online has become one of the things available through many companies working in the field of real estate in Turkey.

Buy your property in Istanbul online

After the Corona epidemic, the demand for electronic platforms increased, which helps foreign investors to access the property they are looking for while in their countries.

What do I do when I want to buy my property online?

In order not to fall prey to fraud, you must be fully aware of what is happening in the virtual world, choose a reliable website for a reliable real estate company, and then communicate directly with this company via the phone or various social media platforms.

Explain to your real estate agent the characteristics of the property you desire, your specific capital, and the method of payment you prefer. It is possible to use a relative or friend of yours residing in Istanbul to meet with your real estate agent or visit the property that you liked himself, and it is also possible to communicate with the company’s previous clients and listen to their testimonies to Rest assured, our team is waiting for your call to get a free consultation wherever you are.

Your chosen real estate agent will take you on a virtual tour in which you see the properties suitable for the specifications you are looking for until you find the right property, agree on the method of financial transfer, and then you will treat the legal agency through the notary of the real estate consultant you wish to appoint, the team will later conduct the transaction and prepare Necessary papers and documents.

All of this will be done within the legal cover of the Turkish government, which allowed all real estate transactions to be conducted online with the possibility of obtaining the electronic taboo through the WEB TAPU application, which was established by the Turkish government and is still working on developing it so that all real estate information is available online.

Estate nation offers you the service of buying property online in Istanbul with full guarantees that give you a sense of security and confidence and invites its clients to span distances, take advantage of time and access their safe real estate investments in the shortest and 100% safe way. Call now