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Flexible rules to buy properties in Istanbul – Turkey

We help you find a real estate in Istanbul. With the relaxed rules to buy a property in Turkey for foreigners, now is a great time to consider purchasing your own real estate within the city limits. is a modern and cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer. It is said to be a cross roads between the East and the West, and it certainly lives up to that billing. Various areas of the city have different vibes and cultures. At the same time, business in the region is booming, increasing investment potential from a real estate perspective. 

This area of Istanbul was actually first settled by the Greeks back in the second century. It’s a historical part of the city that still holds much charm and appeal. Beylikduzu is a suburb of Istanbul, located on the European side of the city close to the southern part of the Sea of Marmara. Imagine living in this area and being able to sail out of town on a boat to enjoy your weekends! As this is outside of the main part of Istanbul, residents enjoy a quiet lifestyle, while still having access to all the services that a big city has to offer. Housing here is still being developed, but there are some great deals and the long-term growth potential is solid. Read More About Beylikduzu.

Beylikduzu Projects

Sea City – EN112

From: TRY 639.000
December 2019

Project Details

Home Garden – EN144

From: TRY 399.000
Delivery: June 2020

Project Details

Life City – EN109

From: TRY 382.000
Delivery: November 2020

Project Details

This area of Istanbul is located on the European side of the city and borders Lake Kucukcekmece to the east. It is accessible via several different highways that cut through the city, making it an appealing option for residents who commute to and from work. Esenyurt has four distinct cultural centers, making it a wonderful place to live and grow up in. It is a complete hub of activity that is currently experiencing tremendous growth. This area of Istanbul alone is home to more than a half million people. Read More About Esenyurt.

Esenyurt Projects

Award – EN104

From: TRY 326.000
Delivery: June 2020

Project Details

Across – EN119

From: TRY 518.000
Delivery: December 2019

Project Details

High Mountain – EN139

From: TRY 510.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

This area of Istanbul is located on the European side of the city. Read More About Eyup.

In recent years, Istanbul has witnessed a modern architectural renascence that has spread from its heart to its periphery. The real estate market in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular has become one of the most important real estate markets in the world.

This architectural growth included the area of “Eyüp Sultan”, which is attraction point to the tourists and visitors from around the world.

Eyup Projects

Golden Age - EN167

Golden Age – EN167

From: TRY 374.000
Delivery: April 2020

Project Details

Bahcesehir is commonly referred to as the garden area of Istanbul, so you can imagine how beautiful the district is. As with most major cities in the world, portions of Istanbul have become a concrete jungle. Bahcesehir is one area where greenery still reigns. It is located in the northwest part of the city, not far from Lake Kucukcekmce. Numerous infrastructure projects are taking place around the area right now, including a third airport for Istanbul, a major bridge, and the North Highway project. Beyond this, you can find luxury housing communities located throughout Bahcesehir, combined with numerous shops, offices, and commercial buildings. Read More About Bahcesehir.

Bahcesehir Projects

Story Bahcesehir – EN103

From: TRY 429.000
Delivery: December 2020

Project Details

Kanal View – EN106

From: TRY 693.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Life Garden – EN174

From: TRY 388.000
Delivery: September 2021

Project Details

This is one of the larger districts in Istanbul and is well developed. In fact, the population of Basaksehir currently stands at over 300,000 and continues to grow. With so many people, you might think that there are no green areas left, but that’s not correct. There’s still plenty of land and the residents of the area appreciate a high quality of living and the many outdoors areas. Housing prices continue to increase as new builds and resales constantly enter the market. Read More About Basaksehir.

Basaksehir Projects

Basaksehir Valley – EN105

From: TRY 828.000
Delivery: June 2021

Project Details

Izama – EN124

From: TRY 585.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Bassin Express is the unofficial financial capital of Istanbul. If you choose to invest in a home here, you’ll be close to all the action. Chances are that you’ll work in the area, and your family will have plenty of activities in the district to keep themselves occupied while you’re away. There are numerous entertainment and shopping venues located around Bassin Express, in addition to almost any type of service center you can imagine. Home prices here are high, but they are poised to continue growing. This makes it a desirable location to invest in real estate. Read More About Bassin Express.

Bassin Express Projects

West Residence – EN117

From: TRY 370.000
Delivery: June 2019

Project Details

Montana - EN135

Montana – EN135

From: TRY 370.000
Delivery: August 2020

Project Details

Greenland – EN158

From: TRY 652.000
Delivery: June 2021

Project Details

This is another working-class section of Istanbul that offers some great real estate to interested buyers. Located on the European side of the city, Zeytinburnu is just outside the walls of the old city and on the shore of the Marmara Sea. In short, the surroundings are beautiful, and it’s no wonder that roughly 300,000 people have chosen to call this area of Istanbul their home. The district is made up of several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own sense of community. Residents here enjoy great schools, entertainment, and shopping options. Getting to and from work is not a problem either, given the great transportation options that run through the area. Read More About Zeytinburnu.

Zeytinburnu Projects

Ottoman Islands – EN130

From: TRY 1.132.000
Delivery: December 2019

Project Details

White Castle – EN145

From: TRY 761.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Blue Towers – EN134

From: TRY 1.408.000
Delivery: Ready to Move

Project Details

This surprisingly large and diverse area of Istanbul is located on a lagoon formed by Lake Kucukcekmece. An Istanbul University campus is located here, so research and academic options abound for residents. The water here is also not salty, adding to the charm and appeal of the district. Recent years have seen the Turkish government make concerted efforts to clean up pollution in the area, so residents and real estate investors should benefit from that in the long-term. This is an area of the city that has long been in demand, so the housing market is continually heating up, both from a buyer’s and seller’s perspective. Read More About Kucukcekmece.

Kucukcekmece Projects

Atakent – EN143

From: TRY 703.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

City Lake - EN163

City Lake – EN163

From: TRY 661.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Green Garden - EN171

Green Garden – EN171

From: TRY 673.000
Delivery: June 2019

Project Details

Maslak has become quite the business hub. It’s on the European side of Istanbul, and building projects here are on-going. While it’s not quite the busy center that you’ll find in other districts, it provides ample room for growth. Nearby facilities will allow homeowners to feel comfortable in their new surroundings, while investors will appreciate the steady stream of potential short-term tenants coming through the area. Read More About Maslak.

Maslak Projects

Extra Life – EN156

From: TRY 1.214.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

High Tower – EN177

From: TRY 1.038.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Valley Life – EN107

From: TRY 943.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Property in the Bomonti district of Istanbul is a hot commodity, and for a good reason. Many investors get turned off by the high prices in this area, but there are still some good values to be found if you know where to look. A lot of development is taking place throughout Bomonti, with numerous skyscrapers continually under construction. This is an area where several celebrities and political figures live, so the real estate values will likely remain high for the foreseeable future. This makes buying a home here a great investment opportunity. Read More About Bomonti.

Bomonti Projects

Bomonti Tower – EN155

From: TRY 1.224.000
Delivery: Ready to Move

Project Details

Bomonti Centre – EN125

From: TRY 949.000
Delivery: June 2020

Project Details

Kagithane used to be another working-class area of Istanbul. However, recent decades have witnessed a complete makeover of this district into a higher-end area ripe with luxury homes and entertainment options. Its central proximity to greater Istanbul means that residents have access to a wide range of transportation options, which has literally transformed this district, giving it a unique identity. There are continually new residential and commercial real estate development projects under way, so this is a prime area to consider investing in Kagithane. Read More About Kagithane.

Kagithane Projects

Green Vadi – EN136

From: TRY 534.000
Delivery: December 2019

Project Details

While many people want to live in a major world city, not everyone wants to live right in the center of the action. Ispartakule will appeal to real estate investors who are looking for the quieter side of life, while still being accessible to everything that this great city has to offer. It’s located in a quaint district on the west side of Istanbul. There’s still a good deal of land here waiting to be developed, so there is a lot of potential for future growth. This provides a similar opportunity to that in Avcilar. Read More About Ispartakule.

Ispartakule Projects

Marble City – EN132

From: TRY 700.000
Delivery: December 2019

Project Details

Isparta – EN128

From: TRY 650.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Sari Evleri – EN186

From: TRY 685.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Here we have a working-class area of Istanbul that provides excellent value for the money when it comes to real estate. This is one of the more populated areas of Istanbul, and there are always quality homes and apartments for sale here. The values are great, and the area is culturally and economically diverse. You can find property that runs the gamut of all budgets, from small studio apartments to five-bedroom homes with large yards. You just decide what you want and then set out to look for it. You’ll find everything you need and want in this area, from sporting complexes and shopping centers to educational institutions and office buildings. Read More About Gaziosmanpasa.

Gaziosmanpasa Projects

Europe Home – EN113

From: TRY 757.000
Delivery: October 2019

Project Details

Bahcelievler has become the middle-class center of Istanbul. This is where you’ll find some tremendous bargains in single family housing. Located on the European side of the city, it is accessible from one of the major freeways that runs to and from the airport. This area of the city covers 5% of the city’s land and is still under development. It’s a great place to raise a family due to its numerous schools, parks, and entertainment options. Home to over a half million people, the investment potential here is appealing. Read More About Bahcelievler.

Bahcelievler Projects

First Bahcelievler – EN160

From: TRY 951.000
Delivery: September 2019

Project Details

Buyukcekmece is another suburb located near the Sea of Marmara. This is an industrial area that has roughly 400,000 residents. The land here has been consistently settled and then abandoned throughout the history of the country, and was once a Greek colony. Today, Buyukcekmece has experienced yet another resurgence. A variety of infrastructure projects have attracted new industries to the district, resulting in new roads, housing complexes, and modern conveniences. This is an up and coming area that gives new home owners the chance to own a larger home for much cheaper than within the city proper. Read More About Buyukcekmece.

Buyukcekmece Projects

Plus Marina – EN172

From: TRY 720.000
Delivery: March 2020

Project Details

Cadde Hayat – EN165

From: TRY 562.000
Delivery: December 2019

Project Details

Topkapi is the old city of Istanbul. This quaint area in the city still has much going for it. Topkapi Palace is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the region, and it is located across from the Bosphorus Sea. Recent years have seen this area become more accessible, increasing its residential appeal. Public transportation options are now plentiful, carrying residents to and from the main parts of Istanbul via a network of trains and trams. Some of the homes here are quite old and historical, adding to the charm of the entire area. Topkapi has great potential for real estate investors, particularly if you’re planning to live here. Read More About Topkapi.

Topkapi Projects

Topkapi Houses – EN180

From: TRY 826.000
Delivery: May 2021

Project Details

If you’re looking for a small village where you can be by yourself, yet still be in proximity to one of the largest cities in the world, Yenibosna is definitely an option. This district has a rich history dating back thousands of years. There are sporting opportunities, large farms, and so much more that will appeal to a variety of people. This is also be a great place to raise a family in an international environment, while still being secluded enough to enjoy that quality family time that seems to be elusive today. Housing prices here are higher than other areas due to limited availability, but there is plenty of land to build on as well. Read More About Yenibosna.

Yenibosna Projects

New Diamond – EN181

From: TRY 438.000
Delivery: Ready to Move

Project Details

As you may have heard, Istanbul is so large that it is situated both in Europe and in Asia. If you’re looking for a place quiet to call home, yet you still desire to be on the European side of the capital, Avcilar, a small city located on the coast, may just be the place for you. The best part is that it still has a great deal of open land, as it’s just beginning to grow. This is a great time to get a property before the prices really start to increase. Read More About Avcilar.

Avcilar Projects

Rose Avcilar – EN176

From: TRY 658.000
Delivery: December 2019

Project Details

Family Hayat – EN121

From: TRY 490.000
Ready to Move

Project Details

Avenu Avcilar – EN142

From: TRY 266.000
Delivery: December 2020

Project Details

Istanbul, Turkey is a city jam-packed with history, culture, and architectural beauty – with influences and styles from both Asia and Europe. As such, it is no surprise that Istanbul is a popular destination for tourists and expatriates alike. With so many people visiting and moving to the city, it is quickly becoming a hub for real estate investment in the area.

Real Estate Market Growth and Development in Istanbul

One of the most important considerations when investing in a property in Turkey is location. Istanbul is the star of the Turkish real estate market and has attracted investors from across the globe. In 2015, Istanbul overtook the coastal city of Antalya to become the top investment destination in the country. There are countless reasons why Istanbul is recording annual real estate sales exceeding 8000 per year from foreigners and hundreds of thousands more from locals. Here are some reasons to buy Istanbul real estate.

Potential for capital growth

While Istanbul is topping the local real estate industry, it is still very young in the global real estate market. This means that in the next decade or so, property in Turkey will have gained prominence and popularity, and when the demand goes up, so do the prices. The smart investor understands that the perfect time to invest in real estate in Turkey is right now as prices are low and potential is high, especially for foreigners due to the value of the Turkish currency in comparison to the US dollar. The local authorities are developing measures to ensure that by 2021, Istanbul is equal to London in standing, and people who have invested will start reaping huge profits.

Real Estate in Istanbul – Property in Turkey

Potential for liquidity

The real estate market has changed with the times. The time when real estate was sold for life have long since passed, and currently, people are buying and disposing of their property several times in their lifetime. If you’re buying real estate with the dream that you will resell it in a few years, you need to buy in a market where selling is easy, and Istanbul is that market. Turkey is working to increase per capita income for households to match that of other European countries, meaning that more people will have purchasing power for real estate and that liquidity will not be an issue.

Urban renovations and branded lifestyle projects

Many improvements are being made to Istanbul’s infrastructure, especially on the outskirts of the city. A lot of new homes with modern architectural plans are coming up, and the government is investing in more social amenities. Private investors are investing in nightlife and other entertainment spots, making outskirts more exciting to live in. It is also crucial to note that even though half of the city which is said to be a little more European than the other, the entire city is one of the safest places you can live.
Istanbul is one of the most beautiful places to invest in real estate. Property costs are reasonable, especially when compared to the value and potential for appreciation. You will not regret spending money in this city.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Istanbul Real Estate?

Now is a great time to invest in a property in Turkey. Up to 2015, it was the top destination in the whole country of Turkey for domestic real estate. At that time, it overtook Antalya as the most popular destination for foreign investors in Turkey. In 2017, it hit a record high, with over 8,000 properties sold to people globally and almost 240,000 domestic sales.
Experts are currently saying that this trend is likely to last for several reasons, a few of which are listed below:

  • Urban renewal and newly branded housing. This is occurring right on the outskirts of Istanbul’s main city center. Brand new homes with the latest style in architecture are being combined with social and community facilities. This is updating the whole city of Istanbul.
  • It is the top center for business in Turkey and attracts tourism globally. The Turkish government has turned it into an investing campaign and give finance credits to any startup company. Its strength in tourism has also made it one of the most commonly visited locations in all of Europe.
  • New capital growth potential. Until the turn of the century, Istanbul was still a developing city due to dismal financial conditions. Since its turnaround, people from all over the world have been taking advantage of new opportunities right and left. Property just about anywhere in Turkey currently has high capital growth potential. However, Istanbul’s major turnaround is still in its infancy, meaning that there will be continual economic turnaround, which doubles, if not triples and quadruples, the incentives for everyone involved.

How Can a Foreigner Buy Property in Istanbul, Turkey?

It’s very easy for citizens of most foreign nations to buy property in Turkey. You don’t even need a residence permit to complete your purchase.

What procedure should you follow when purchasing property in Istanbul?

You should begin your search for properties in Turkey by contacting us and telling us exactly what you are looking for and what your budget is. We will then be able to send you information on properties that fit within your criteria.
Once you have reviewed your options, you can pick a few to view in person and we can schedule your visit to Istanbul. Once you decide which property you want to purchase, we’ll help you with the negotiations and paperwork.

How can you finance a real estate deal in Istanbul?

Financing a real estate deal in Istanbul is simple. In most cases, the property developer that you’re buying from will be able to arrange an easy monthly payment plan.

Make The Right Move

If investing in real estate in Istanbul is something you’re interested in, get in touch with us today. Our friendly staff will provide you with the information you need and walk you through the home buying process.

Highlights of Istanbul’s Geographic Importance, and a Brief History of the City

As the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul serves an important role in the economic and cultural landscape of the region. Istanbul carries the distinction of being the only metropolitan area that spans two continents, spanning both Europe and Asia. The ancient city is located on the Bosporus Strait between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, opening up a host of transportation and commerce options for the area.

Istanbul boasts a rick history that stretches back centuries. Due to its unique location, the city has been a part of various empires throughout time. This territorial back and forth has given the city many names throughout history.

When first colonized by the Grecians, the area was named Byzantium in honor of Greek King Byzas. After Byzantium was absorbed by the emerging Roman Empire, the city was renamed Constantinople by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Constantinople became such a world power that it was eventually awarded the designation of capital of the Roman Empire.

Following centuries of prosperity, Constantinople once again changed hands when it was conquered by the Catholic Latin Empire and eventually the Ottoman Empire. As capital of the Ottoman Empire, the city once again changed names, taking on the name Islambul. During the 1500s and under the Ottoman rule, the city prospered and became a global leader in innovation and cultural contributions. This rule lasted until World War I when the allied forces defeated the long-standing Ottoman empire and took occupation of the important city.

The Turkish War of Independence commenced after World War I, and in 1932 the Republic of Turkey became a free and independent nation. However, in the early days of Turkey’s free status, the capital was located in the more centrally located city of Ankara. Although Ankara remains the capital city and center of government operations, Istanbul is still Turkey’s largest city and the heart and soul of the country’s economic, cultural, and historical landscape. A variety of infrastructure improvements over the last few decades and an emphasis on the emerging arts scene have made Istanbul a popular place to live and visit.