Real estate rental law in Turkey and rights of landlord and tenant

Renting real estate is considered as one of the most important aspects of the real estate market in Turkey, because most tourists, residents, students, or even employer resort to commercial real estate – like many in Turkey – to rent the property instead of buying it. The aspect of real estate leasing is also an important offense for real estate investors in Turkey, if a large number of investors in the Turkish real estate market resort to buying real estate in order to rent it, and the demand for investment in hotel apartments in Turkey increases in order to invest in the field of tourist leasing as well.


Real estate rental law in Turkey and rights of landlord and tenant

With the importance of real estate rental in the Turkish real estate market, many questions and problems arise regarding this matter. For example, some realtors wonder about ways to remove the tenant from the property for one reason or another, as the relationship between the lessor and the tenant is affected due to ignorance of each other’s rights according to the other according to Under Turkish law, the landlord in Turkey cannot take out the tenant without restriction or condition.

Accordingly, we will review in this article the methods of evicting the tenant according to the Turkish law, and the duties and rights of the landlord and the tenant alike, and this article will provide you with the optimal short guide if you are one of the searchers for apartments for rent in Istanbul, with the intent to invest or direct rental, and if you want to see the most important The rights of foreign real estate investors in Turkey, you can review our previous blog in this regard.

Ways to remove the tenant according to Turkish law

  • Expiry of the lease term: When the period stipulated for the tenant’s use of the property expires, the landlord has the right to take out the tenant, unless both parties want to renew the contract.

  • Wiling to make repairs or modifications to the property: The owner of the property has the right to carry out the necessary repairs or restructuring of the property to preserve the value of his property, but in this case it is forbidden to rent the property to the old tenant, and this prohibition is valid for three years.

  • Sale by the property owner: If the tenant was not legally agreed to before the sale of the house, then an explanation must be added to the Land Registry based on the lease contract, otherwise a notification must be sent within a maximum period of one month from the date of transferring the property ownership, either in case he does not send Any notification within a month means that the acceptance of the lease contract is valid before the sale, but in the event of a prior agreement with the tenant there is no need for any deadline, but this legal agreement must be made in writing in the presence of two witnesses, and the old house owner must transfer Amount of insurance to the new owner, according to landlord tenant law in Turkey.

  • The tenant is late in paying the rent repeatedly: considering that the contract is intended for mutual use, and certainly, the tenant’s failure to pay the rent, or its repeated delay in paying it, blocks the benefit from the property owner, hence the landlord has the right to cancel the rental contract and remove the tenant in this case.

  • The landlord or one of his relatives needs from the first degree of the house for the purpose of housing: The landlord can terminate the rental contract in case he needs the property he or one of his relatives of the first class for the sake of housing, in this case he is not entitled to rent this property to another tenant other than the old tenant for three years, according to landlord tenant rights in Turkey.

The real estate landlords’ duties towards the tenant according to Turkish law

  • Pay all expected and unexpected side expenses for the rental property.

  • Pay all taxes and insurances related to the rental property.

  • The tenant cannot be required to be subject to a penal clause if he fails to pay the rent.

  • In the event of any defect in the property leading to damage to the tenant, the responsibility of the landlord lies in the repair of this defect.

  • The tenant can ask the landlord to fix any defects during an appropriate period, and if he does not fix this defect within the specified time period, the tenant has the right to repair it and deduct the expenses resulting from that from the property’s rent, or he can ask to exchange the property for another free of defect, according to tenants rights in Turkey.

Tenant’s duties towards the landlord in accordance with Turkish law

  • The rent is paid at the end of the month if no different time is specified within the contract.

  • Paying the rent is one of the most important duties of the tenant, according to renting property in Turkey rules.

  • If the tenant does not pay the rent of the property, the landlord can cancel the contract.

  • The tenant must return the property to its owner as it has received it, but it is not responsible for facilities that wear out of obsolescence and use.

  • If the tenant wants to make any change to the property, he must obtain written permission from the property owner.

  • If the tenant vacates the property without committing to the period mentioned in the lease, he must continue to pay the rent until the end of the contract or until another tenant receives it on similar terms.

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