The Importance of Basaksehir District in Istanbul

Turkey is the center of attention for those who want to own properties as a great investment style, and if we have the chance to choose between it and other European countries, we will see that the advantage swings to the properties in Turkey because of many reasons, and surely the foremost reason among these is the ethical prices in the time of the upward price trends which is a perfect opportunity for current investment, and just as the mismatches in the investment value between countries and each other; there are also mismatches from region to region within any country. In this article, we will review various theses and passages about Istanbul’s Basaksehir district as an excellent destination for real estate investment.

Information About Basaksehir District in Istanbul

  • Location:
    Situated on the European side of Istanbul, a modern area, the area of Basaksehir, and it is one of Istanbul’s 39 districts.

  • Population and Area:
    The population of Basaksehir district is 353,000, with an area of 104,000 km2.

  • The areas around Basaksehir district:
    The district is bordered by ” Sazlıdere lake” from the northwest which is the primary source of fresh water in all Istanbul neighborhoods, bordered to the south by” Marmara sea”, and the surrounding areas are: Avcilar, Ayub, kucukcekmece, Esenler, Arnavutkoy, Bagilar, Esenyurt, and Gazi district.

  • The district history:
    This district was known as ” Azatlyk” which means “liberation” in Arabic, the Ottoman army depended on it in the production of the gunpowder for fighting the battles, and after that an officer called ” Rensley Niazi” one of the backbones of the Turkish youth revolution, built a farm on it in 1908, known after that as “Rensley Farm” to honor his memory. “Başakşehir district” was separated from “kucukcekmece” to become independent in 2009, and the Turkish officials and the municipality of the region attach considerable importance to the reconstruction of the district and the provision of services at the present time.

The Importance of Basaksehir District in Istanbul

What benefits will be gained by those who get apartments for sale in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district?

  • Peaceful living:
    Basaksehir is one of Istanbul’s quiet districts, regarded as the subject of interest to Arab investors in particular and most of them invest in Turkey seeking this district; due to their desire of recreation and to be away from the momentum of life, so for those seeking distinction and calmness finding apartments in Basaksehir is one of their interests.

  • Availability of transportation:
    There is no problem in transportation in this district, and any place in Istanbul is easy to go, there are numerous public transport stations, besides the metro connecting the regions of Basaksehir and Kirazl, passing through many vital areas, and those who buy apartments in Başakşehir will never suffer from the transportation problem.

  • Health centers:
    There are dozens of hospitals and treatment centers on a range of medical subjects in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district, which include a selection of the best doctors from Turkey and abroad, and at a later stage, the largest medical city in Europe will be established.

  • Educational services:
    There are schools and universities in all the areas of Basaksehir, and the curriculum is being taught in English, Turkish and Arabic. The most prominent of these universities are “Ibn Haldun” and “ Bahca sahir” universities. One of the notable advantages in Basaksehir also is the availability of teaching the curriculum in Arabic in some schools which is one of the motivations for Arab investors to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul’s Basaksehir due to their desire to teach their children in Arabic.

  • Proximity to the new Istanbul Canal project:
    Basaksehir district is located near to the new Istanbul Canal (Bosphorus II) project, and this is a critical point, given the fact that this project will be effective once it is completed with respect to the apartment prices in Istanbul in the future which is going to be very high according to property experts in Europe.

  • Easy access to international airports:
    Basaksehir district is close to Istanbul’s third airport, as well as Ataturk Airport, which is about 22 kilometers, that facilitates leaving or entering Turkey by air, and in case of owning an apartment in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district; the situation would be ideal for arrivals.

  • Modern residential areas:
    Basaksehir district is a modern or new restrict, so all the properties and buildings are built according to a very classy architectural style and according to different styles that suit everyone’s taste, Also, the availability of different areas and models, whether apartments, properties, villas or Palaces… etc.

  • Proximity to the Taksim area:
    Taksim is one of the most famous regions and squares of Istanbul. Turks gather in it to celebrate the important historical events, specifically in the courtyard of the monument, and in this area, there are restaurants and cafeterias all over it that are distinct in terms of prices, besides commercial markets where one can buy gifts. One can also talk a walk in the beautiful “Gizi” park, which is far from Basaksehir a short distance away. You can use the opportunity of owning properties in Istanbul, to do great tours whenever you want.

The Importance of Basaksehir District in Istanbul

What are the most prominent services and facilities in Basaksehir district in Istanbul?

Services and facilities surely are among the searched points for those who want to buy properties in Turkey; Basaksehir district is characterized by the following:

  • Botanic Park:
    It is one of the largest botanical gardens in Turkey, with an area of approximately 386,000 square meters, it is about to open, and this is going to be a big event, maximizing the value of any apartments for sale in Basaksehir.

  • Kent square:
    This square is regarded as one of the important projects in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district, it will be twice the size of Taksim square, with essential facilities, including a large health center in the forefront, transport stations, besides shopping malls, restaurants and cafés.

  • Salah al-Din Mosque:
    It is one of the largest mosques in Basaksehir, with a 5000-prayer capacity, located near Botanic Garden and is regarded as an important value for this area.

  • Ikitelli city hospital (the largest hospital in Europe):
    One of the most significant projects in Basaksehir district, with a total area of more than one million square meters; thus it will be the largest hospital in Europe, employing approximately 10,000 employees. It is expected to receive 60,000 citizens daily, which will influence directly on the properties prices in Basaksehir, and the prices of the real estate in Istanbul in general.

What do the real estate price indicators in Basaksehir in Istanbul indicate in the last two years?

The price increase in the last two years for properties in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district nearly 45%, because of large projects that will have a strategic impact, such as the new Istanbul Canal, the Istanbul Third Bridge, in addition to Istanbul new airport project which is regarded as the largest airport in the world, and in the event of the completion of those projects, prices will rise at a higher rate, so the opportunity now is excellent.

After reviewing the advantages and importance of this district, the opportunity is still there for you to take its advantage before the expected rise in prices in the future; due to the existence of apartments for sale in Basaksehir district that are wonderful and distinct.

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