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Our Services | Estate Nation

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With the amazing rise and growth of the Turkish real estate market and its prominent international position in this regard, competition among real estate companies has become most intense in order to prove merit and reliability and achieve the largest possible assistance and comfort for the pioneers of that promising real estate market, from clients and investors. Perhaps the most important thing that can distinguish a real estate company is the number and diversity of real estate services that that company can provide, and the extent of the strength and professionalism of that company in providing the service, and linking the customer with it with ease, comfort and reliability.

We at “Estate Nation” help you reach an elite group of the best residential and investment projects in Istanbul in cash and in installments without interest, as the housing options are commensurate with all conditions and requests. In addition to real estate investment projects and opportunities with a rental guarantee.

Estate Nation provides the following real estate services:

  • Arrange field tours to visit the regions and projects and get to know the best suitable options.

  • Providing information on the real estate market and negotiate for the best price offer.

  • Providing accommodation procedures and assistance in securing hotel reservations, in addition to travel procedures, and free airport pick-up.

  • Providing after-sales services, including furnishing and decor insurance.

  • We offer rental services for our clients in case they want to invest their properties, we receive the rent from the tenant for the benefit of customers, handing the property over to the tenant, verifying the integrity of the customers ’property after the rent and placing the amount of the rent in our clients’ account in Turkey or transferring them to their account in their countries.

  • We provide continuous real estate maintenance services of all kinds.

  • We follow up the clients ’properties, whether in terms of real estate taxes or municipality services fees, pay the fees for electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions, and make sure the property is safe from time to time.

  • We prepare feasibility studies for clients ’projects and ensure that they are consistent with the viewpoint of our clients and that they are appropriate for what they aspire to, whether through the questionnaire or through the study of the economic situation of the project site or through the nature of laws imposed by the region and municipal system and to ensure that they are free from high risks.

  • Online selling services on the Internet in case of not wanting to visit Turkey, where we communicate with you first-hand and display plans and video clips that provide a full and realistic explanation about the project, and conduct all transactions and taboo transactions completely online.

  • Help in obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey.

Estate Nation deals only with trusted projects and projects guaranteed by the Turkish government. We do not take any commission from the buyer. If you are thinking about anything related to real estate in Turkey, and you want to be part of the real estate market in Istanbul, contact us immediately, and our professional team will be at your service. Call Now .

Let Us Help You Now!