Advices for Buyers to Obtain Turkish citizenship by Investment

 Obtaining Turkish citizenship is still attracting many investors to come to Turkey, profitable investment advantages with the attractive investment and social environment.

Turkish citizenship represents a goal in itself, especially since obtaining it has become easier than before, with the Turkish government reducing the amount of real estate investment from one million dollars to 400 thousand dollars, which entitles the investor to obtain citizenship with his family in addition to the many facilities provided to foreign investors in Turkey.

Advices for Buyers to Obtain Turkish citizenship by Investment

From our experience in the real estate investment market, and the experiences of obtaining Turkish citizenship, we offer our advice to those wishing to obtain this citizenship:

  1. The investor can buy the property he wants, whether it is  a villa, land, house or office, all types of real estate are suitable for obtaining citizenship in Turkey.

  2. The amount must be transferred from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account through a Turkish bank, and the buyer must write a pledge not to sell the property until three years after the date of its purchase.

  3. It is best to register the water and electricity meter in the name of the buyer after receiving the Tapu document.

  4. Do not buy your property from a foreign investor of the same nationality as you, it must be purchased from a Turkish person, because the first case will prevent you from obtaining Turkish citizenship; It is required to buy a property from a Turkish person to obtain citizenship.

  5. You must read about government facilities for foreign investments and tax exemptions or deductions for foreign investments.

  6. Choose your trusted real estate advisor in Istanbul, and make sure to provide you in detail to help you choose the best location and the most suitable property at the most appropriate price within your criteria.

The depreciation of the Turkish currency against foreign currencies and the continuous recovery of the Turkish real estate market makes real estate investment for foreigners an ideal opportunity.. Real estate experts confirm that most types of real estate investment are destined for success, considering that the home and office are an uninterrupted need..

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