The Turkish-Emirates Relations and Its Impact on The Turkish Real Estate Market

The Turkish-Emirates relations have recently witnessed great improvements, especially in the commercial and economic field in general, which adds a value over the real estate market in Turkey, which has continuous growth as one of the most important factors of the Turkish economy.

In the recent visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the UAE, 13 agreements were signed in many fields; Among the most important are investment, defense, transportation, health, and agriculture.

The Turkish-Emirates Relations and Its Impact on The Turkish Real Estate Market

Notable among these agreements are the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between Turkey and the UAE and the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Land and Maritime Transport.

It was also agreed between the two countries to raise the volume of trade exchange and increase investment opportunities between the two countries, which means that Emirates investors will travel to Turkey more, and real estate investment must come at the top of the list of investments.

It is worth noting that the UAE is the first Arab country in the most foreign countries investing in Turkey, and that the number of Emirates real estate investors is steadily increasing, and the number of foreign real estate investors in general is constantly increasing, which confirms that real estate investment in Turkey is an opportunity that continues to prove its investment feasibility.

Experts confirm that the economic file is the reason for the rapid opening of relations between the two countries.

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