1.5 million units to build in Turkey in the next five years

With the acceleration of the Turkish economic renaissance wheel, and with the growth of the real estate sector in it, which has become one of the most important economic sectors of all, huge real estate projects in this promising country are continuing, and with it, investment opportunities are growing for all who desire them inside and outside Turkey in general.

In this context, the Minister of Environment and Housing of the Turkish government recently stated that a million and a half housing units will be established in order to support and assist the provincial banks in which the project is located, with four billion Turkish lira’s in addition to the establishment of many cities in these housing units with the possibility of providing loans at a rate of 50%, and the minister said: The statistics have seen that in the last 16 years, investment in Istanbul has increased, reaching 92 billion Turkish lira’s, and investments in Istanbul continue to increase, as have all indications about buying a property in Istanbul, in a way that stimulates the Turkey real estate market in Turkey in general.

1.5 million units to build in Turkey in the next five years

The minister said that the reason for the success of the investment in Istanbul is the services, facilities and support that it provides to all governmental and private sectors, which encouraged the investment of 136 billion pounds, after agreeing to environmental conservation reports, and to support the establishment of these cities, all the papers related to the project were expedited Officials of other Turkish states, in addition to all the governors in Turkey searching for the right places to establish the project correctly and appropriately.

A supply plan for 6.8 million housing units

The minister specified that there is an area of ​​1442 hectares in Istanbul that can be demolished because it is very dangerous areas, and work will be done to reduce it to 65 hectares, and the minister confirmed that annually 300 thousand housing units will be established in its place, and the minister stated that there are 65700 buildings that can collapse, so the work has been done On demolishing 245,000 residences to construct modern buildings in a beautiful new style, and the first areas that will start work on them are “Beykoz” because of its great importance.

Cooperation has taken place between the Headquarters of the Collective Housing Department “TOKI” and the Ministry of Environment and Reconstruction to establish 158 addition to 314 housing units, in addition to 8 hospitals and 52 units including centers for people with special needs, in addition to many public services such as schools, medical clinics, shelter centers and libraries. The cost of establishing all these facilities is 49 billion Turkish lira’s.

Presidential statements on the subject

In this same context, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an important statement about the aforementioned “Beykoz” region, and the declaration included both of the following important points:

  • We have given orders to the institution competent to solve all problems related to Beykoz.

  • We solved our citizens ’problems by giving 38,000 residents a title to their housing units.

  • We have given priority to expediting the reconstruction plan for the Beykoz area.

  • We gave full attention to this issue, and we stopped shortly on the conditions of the places and buildings in all Beykoz stores.

  • We planned buildings that reflect our culture without spoiling the general shape of the area in the form of detached houses. To this end, we have issued instructions to officials in this regard and will accelerate the reconstruction plans for all centers with the Municipality of Beykoz.

  • We will not forget to achieve this project in a fair and just manner that satisfies all citizens in it, and I will not allow it to take place other than what it was warned of.

  • After completing the construction plans, citizens who are unable to hand over the land to the contractors responsible for it can have a certain number of housing units.

  • In the event that the contractors refuse to work in this way, the Collective Housing Department and the directorates of the public banks and the states will provide assistance and all appropriate facilities to the citizens.

Solutions and alternatives

In addition to all of the above, the Minister of Environment and Housing spoke about the problems and difficulties in the regions of Üsküdar and Beykoz, and he said in this regard: After looking into the area of ​​Beykoz, we found many difficulties that hinder the process of modernizing and renovating buildings, because the area is protected, so many efforts were made until We found two solutions to this problem: The first solution is a registration sheet that allows us to take advantage of the non-renewable building sections because the area is protected, as we can with this paper participate in water, electricity and natural gas, and the registration sheet also helped make people the owners of the departments, and this is one of the things that were forbidden Previously.

The second solution is to give the protected buildings degrees so that we can determine the degree of their protection, in order to know whether we can renew them or not, and through the second solution any work will be studied in order to allow it if it is beneficial to the buildings, and to prevent any action that might harm the rights of citizens.

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