Advantages of Housing and Investment in the Countryside of Istanbul

Countryside of Istanbul:

If the city of Istanbul is the first destination for tourism in Turkey, then the countryside of Istanbul is no less famous. The elements of normal life in terms of services in addition to being rich in tourist and entertainment activities, archaeological sites, beaches, parks and markets.

If a person feels burdened from the complexities and speed of life in large cities such as Istanbul or elsewhere, then one has to go to the villages and cities of Istanbul’s countryside to take a rest period in which he renews his energy and regains his vitality. Whether on the weekend or even on one-day visits, and whether one is alone or on a group or family trip.

Advantages of Housing and Investment in the Countryside of Istanbul

Investing in the countryside of Istanbul:

And the Istanbul countryside is not only a tourist destination, it is also an area for promising real estate investments, whether residential or related to the tourism sector. The best investment options in rural Istanbul real estate are agricultural lands, farms and villas, large homes, hotels or hotel apartments, and restaurants in tourist areas.

And investing in the countryside of Istanbul has several advantages, including: the competitive prices of rural houses, their innovative designs that make the most of the land on which they were built, in addition to the multiple options offered by the house designs: some are one-story, and others consist of two or more floors, and we do not forget The strategic location close to the capital Istanbul and the facilities that the Turkish government began to provide to foreign investors and the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.

Residing in the countryside of Istanbul:

Many also look for homes in the countryside of Istanbul for the sake of stability, to spend a satisfactory recovery period, or to live after retirement, because fresh air and healthy food in the countryside are good for the sick and the elderly. From the above, we find that among the advantages of owning a property in the countryside of Istanbul: calm and independence, distance from noise and pollution, housing in the middle of nature, availability of a safe haven and a ready place for holidays and periods of recovery, and low prices, as the costs of life in the countryside are simpler than in the city.

The new resident in rural Istanbul may face some problems, including: the lack of job opportunities, and owning a home in the countryside will not excuse him from owning a home in the city, the absence of some recreational services enjoyed by the real estate of residential complexes in the city, and the small number of Arabs in rural areas. It causes difficulty in adapting to life there, however there are still many advantages to housing or investment in real estate within the countryside.

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