All You Need to Know about Billing in Turkey

In a prosperous and advanced country such as Turkey, all basic services are available from water, electricity and gas to citizens and residents alike, and the cost of living varies according to each individual’s lifestyle, place of residence and work, type of food and clothing, but the average cost of living in Turkey ranges between 3000 and 4000 lira per month.

Turkey follows the same strict policy in Europe in the consumption of energy, water, electricity, especially gas, and Turkish law stipulates that Turkish and non-Turkish tenant pay the bills themselves, and those foreign tenants have a Turkish residence card or Kimlik card, in addition to a passport, to be able to pay the bills. In order for your stay in Turkey to be comfortable and hassle-free, allow us to provide you with all the details related to the bills in Turkey and the average monthly cost for each of them, as well as the ways to pay bills in Turkey.

All You Need to Know about Billing in Turkey

Water bills in Turkey

Water is provided in Turkey by the municipal administration in each city. The water company in Istanbul is called ISKI. When subscribing, 200 Turkish liras are paid in installments for two months and added to the monthly bill. The cost of the water bill in Turkey for a family of four varies Between 50 and 80 pounds per month.

The water maintenance number in Turkey is 185

Electricity bills in Turkey

The Electricity Company in Turkey belongs to the state and is called TEDAŞ, which is an abbreviation for the Turkish Electricity Authority. It should be noted here that it is necessary to specify the amount of electricity that you expect that you will consume when you register with the Electricity Company. And enough quantity between 12 and 15 watts for homes in general.

The electricity subscription fee is 200 Turkish liras to be paid in cash, and the monthly cost ranges between 100 and 150 liras for a family of four.

The Turkish Electricity Authority follows strict rules regarding late payment of bills or when electricity consumption is exceeded, so be sure to plan and consume carefully and pay the bill on time.

Electricity repair number in Turkey is 186

Gas bills in Turkey

You can reach gas suppliers in all major Turkish cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, while you have to buy gas cylinders in other areas. As for large residential complexes, they are usually equipped with a tank that pumps gas into the pipes distributed in the houses in the building, and here residents pay the gas bill to the owner Building based on meter reading.

The average cost of a gas bill in Turkey for a family of four ranges between 200 and 400 Turkish liras. And the gas repair number in Turkey is 187

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After we learned about basic utility bills in Turkey, let’s now look at the ways to pay bills in Turkey to choose the one that suits you best:

Ways to pay bills in Turkey

There are several ways that you can follow in Turkey to pay the subscription bills for water, electricity, gas and even the Internet, including:

  • Pay bills in Turkey through the headquarters of the concerned company: It is the traditional way, that is, you go to the headquarters of the concerned company, wait for some time, then pay the bill to the concerned employee and receive the receipt. The downsides of this method are that it requires you to devote several hours and pay additional amounts for transportation, and it is not suitable for those who have work at the same time as the company in question or were in a place far from it, and here are some practical alternatives:

  • Pay bills in Turkey by PTT: What is PTT? It is an official governmental company concerned with postal affairs and has centers distributed in the states and regions of Turkey, and is characterized by its fast and accurate services, and it opens its doors from 8.30 until 5.30 km every day, except on Saturdays and Sundays. You can pay all kinds of bills through this company, such as the electricity, water and internet bill, all you have to do is take the bill and go to the nearest center of this company, then pay and get a notice of the arrest. This method saves time and perhaps money, as the company’s centers are distributed throughout the country, and you will not wait for it for long, which makes it a preferred method over the first method.

  • Pay bills in Turkey via the Internet and through the bank account: This method is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways, but its main condition is that the subscriber has a bank account in Turkey within one of the banks located inside, to be able to pay bills via mobile phone or computer via the account website – or its application, if any – at any time.

You can also choose automatic payment from the application, and you will pay bills automatically without worrying about them.

And if your account balance is not enough, the bank will send you a text message to notify you, and it is worth noting that banks do not charge any commission for the bill payment service.

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