Advices for Buying an Apartment in Turkey

Within the increasing in buying real estate in Turkey, due to the prosperity and increasing growth of the Turkish economy, as well as to the new legal facilities issued by the Turkish government for foreign investors, and many people buy apartments in Turkey, to reside in Turkey permanently or to study in the country or spend Vacation periods or for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, and more …

As a result of this demand, the topic of “Buying Apartments in Turkey” has led to search results on the Internet, and there are many real estate services companies and offers that they offer, and there have been many fake companies and fake offers, which calls for patience and caution when starting a project to buy an apartment in Turkey.

Advices for Buying an Apartment in Turkey

Here are several tips in this field, some of which relate to the property or the apartment itself in terms of location, space, infrastructure, and other matters. And another part of the advice is related to legal procedures and the most important thing that the buyer should pay attention to matters. avoid making mistakes or deception.

1- Taking into account the area of ​​the apartment, its divisions, and the side that overlooks it:

As for the number of rooms: Does it correspond to the number and age of family members? As for the side that the apartment overlooks, if it overlooks the entire north side, for example, it may not receive sunlight throughout the year, and this may lead to an increase in humidity in the apartment and consequently to an increase in electricity and heating consumption. Also, the apartment may have a view of a opposite building, blocking the light and vision. Windows should also be checked: their size, ease of opening and closing them, and the quality of the glass they are made of.

2- Making adjustments to the apartment after purchasing it:

The buyer may be impressed by the specifications of an apartment and decide to buy it, but on the condition that he make some future adjustments to it, and here he must calculate the costs before buying, as the modifications may cost him more than he expected and he expected additional expenses that were not taken into account. It is advisable in this case to seek the help of an engineer or specialist.

3- Examine the infrastructure of the apartment:

This is a golden advice for those who intend to buy an apartment in Turkey. It is necessary to check the quality of electrical installations, gas and heating installations, as well as water taps and the like. All of this will save additional maintenance expenses that may appear later on the surface if the buyer does not perform these checks early. There is no objection to examining the basement of the building and the car park, if any. All these appendices to the apartment have the right of the buyer to examine them before deciding to purchase.

4- Track the sources of disturbance before buying an apartment in Turkey:

This means that the buyer makes sure that the neighborhood in which the apartment or building is located is not unbearably noisy. If the building overlooks a public square or main street, or if the first floor of it is occupied by restaurants or commercial centers, these factors increase the noise, especially if they are the apartment to be purchased is on the first floors of the building.

The buyer should also study the apartment’s location in relation to the city, that is, how close it is to schools, universities, hospitals, public transportation and markets.

5- Knowing the monthly expenses of the apartment:

The buyer must inquire about the value of the monthly expenses that are paid to those in charge of the building or residential complex in which the apartment is located. Such as costs of cleaning, guarding, lighting, maintenance of public facilities, etc.

6- Inquiry about possible payment methods:

Should the price be paid in full, or is it permissible to pay it in installments? In the event that the buyer wants to pay in installments, it is advisable to pay half of the amount or 40% of it in one payment, and pay the rest in installments, and pay the entire amount before the specified date, then he may get special discounts.

7- Other advices to legally buy an apartment in Turkey:

  • It is recommended to deal with reliable and well-known real estate companies to avoid scams and fake offers.

  • Ensure that there is no lessee for the apartment at this time. If a tenant is found, a date for eviction should be specified.

  • Read the laws related to real estate ownership by foreigners in Turkey and stay abreast of them in the event of any amendment or change in the laws.

  • Knowing the costs and taxes, such as the purchase tax, the sales tax, and some fees such as notary fees, stamping fees, and so on … and making sure that there are no taxes owed by the property owner.

  • It is also necessary to know the restrictions imposed on the purchase of real estate in Turkey, which are often related to the nationality of the buyer or the location of the property from military installations.

  • Determining the purpose of buying an apartment: Here it is worth distinguishing between apartments and investment apartments.

  • Paying attention to the similarity between the types of title deeds of the property «tapu», as the bond may be for temporary ownership, whose term expires upon the completion of the construction of the property. and to ensure that the property’s specifications are in conformity with the specifications mentioned in the title deed.

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