Apartments for Sale by Turkish Government Guarantee … Features and Advantages

Many Arab and foreign investors hurry up to the Turkish real estate market for seeking to safe and profitable investment. They are often referred to phrase of “guaranteed by the Turkish government” to encourage them by a safer investment. What is this guarantee? What are its features and advantages?

Apartments for Sale by Turkish Government Guarantee

What is the guarantee of the Turkish government?

Buy property in Istanbul Turkey with the guarantee of the Turkish government is a truly safe and suitable opportunity for investment or housing. It means that one of the construction companies of the Turkish Prime Minister’s Office, like “Toki Emlak Konut”, offers Turkish state-owned land to a private company of its own choice, under certain conditions, to Implement and construct the projects in a mechanism known globally as the “common sector”.

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What are the features of the Turkish Government Guarantee for real estate?

The follower of real estate news in Turkey finds that the projects that are established with the guarantee of the Turkish government are increasing with the days, and he has to wonder about what this guarantee and its mechanisms?

The Turkish government guarantees real estate through a range of technical and legal procedures in three basic phases: pre-sale, sales and after sales.

In the pre-sale phase: the company is aware of all the papers and licenses of the project to ensure the application of the relevant laws and regulations. These companies also prioritize the welfare and well-being of the residents, aiming at the highest standards of quality and sophistication. Marketing for the project will be presented to the customers and the model apartments to ensure that things are going well, prepare the appropriate price list and prepare the contracts.

In the sale phase: The sale contract is signed with the government authority directly at the noter. The contract shall be attached to all documents and documents necessary to ensure the safety of the sale and purchase process in a fully legalized manner. The amounts, payments or installments shall be transferred to the government company account which shall pay the private company its full dues.

In the delivery phase: the government company independently verifies the quality of the construction and meets the previously agreed standards. It extracts the initial ownership deed, the final ownership deed, the housing permit and all the necessary documents. The company also supervises the management of the temporary and permanent housing complex, and supervises the complaints received from the residents after the residence, and after one year a delegation of experts visit the project to ensure the final acceptance.

However, all of the above does not mean that the buyer’s right to any real estate property for sale in Turkey is guaranteed only in projects with government guarantee. In Turkey there are many construction companies with a reputation and credibility, and all contracts must be authenticated by the writer, Construction Company.

Apartments for Sale by Turkish Government Guarantee

Features of projects with Turkish government guarantee:

  • These projects are featured by the reliability of the public sector and the integrity of legal procedures with the elegant and modern architecture provided by the private companies executed.

  • These projects offer suitable prices in the real estate listings and provide the researcher with the cheapest house for sale in Istanbul the opportunity to get the cheapest property at the appropriate location.

  • Those interested in buying a property in Turkey in these projects find that it has the consequences of the bankruptcy of the emerging private companies and their inability to license sometimes.

  • Government companies evaluate some of the competing projects in distinct areas, especially in Istanbul, where they can find residential projects in Istanbul with the Turkish government guarantee in areas where the largest construction companies compete, to offer the best choice, particularly in terms of apartment prices in Istanbul.

  • The construction of these complexes is often accompanied by the construction of nearby vital facilities such as schools, mosques, parks, health centers and sports clubs, providing cheap homes for sale in Turkey surrounded by vital public facilities.

People interested in real estate investment in apartments for sale in Istanbul often find the apartments for sale in Istanbul by Turkish government to offer a great Istanbul property investment opportunity with all the above-mentioned features.

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