Apartments in Sisli, Istanbul’s City Center

Site and Population:

In the heart of the European side of Istanbul and in the most fascinating historical sites, we meet one of the most famous areas of “Sisli” region, which is one of the 39 municipalities in Istanbul, located in the north of the “Sariyer” region and in the south of the region of “ Beyoglu” and “Kagithane”, and is 2 km from the famous “Taksim” Square.

It has a population of 318 thousand people according to the statistics of 2017, and an area of ​​10.62 km2.

Apartments in Sisli, Istanbul's City Center

It has many famous neighborhoods that are ideal for profit making for investors who wish to double their capital or rent their properties with high income. The most famous neighborhoods are “Kurtulus”, “Esentepe”, “Tesvikiye” and “Mecidiyekoy” which have very important transportation complex, in addition of “Nisantasi”, “Kocatepe”, “Okmeydani”, “Bingalti”, and “Bomonti” all of which embody the meanings of history and originality with luxury and sophistication, as the researcher finds apartments for sale in “Sisli”, whether it is looking for modernity in the finest luxury complexes or Authenticity in old houses and charming alleys.

Urban Development in “Sisli” Region:

Despite the fact that the original region belongs to history and its features are saturated with attractive interest in its simple houses with low floors and stone structures that tell the stories of the Ottoman civilization that make them attractive to tourists from all over the world, The towers have added a new architectural style to the area.

“Sisli” is home to a large number of large companies and offices that give it the touch of the business world because of its proximity to “Levent” and “Taksim”, and the new investment center in “Meslek”. It also includes many luxury hotels and high-value hotel apartments, and because of its proximity to the sea, many of its tall buildings have unique views of the Bosphorus.

It has gained a reputation in the field of trade and shopping and has included centers for major brands and companies, making it a highly competitive area when looking for house for sale in Istanbul Turkey.

Apartments in Sisli, Istanbul's City Center

Why buy your property in “Sisli” ?

If you want to buy house in Turkey, this area is unique and has a central location close to all the vital points of the city with its proximity to the sea and from the “Taksim” Square which is of vital importance and tourist, through which the various public transport makes it easy to reach and easy to reach. A point in Istanbul. It also has a number of prominent facilities and public services such as the universities, which are headed by the famous “Nisantasi” University with its open and closed markets, shops, hotels and malls, most notably the Jawahar Mall.All of the above makes it a good time to look for property for sales in Sisli now , where investment is a great opportunity for those who want to make a profit by visiting the most important projects in the region, such as “Bomonti” projects.

Landmarks in “Sisli” area:

Because this area is a tourist attraction, it includes a number of rare tourist attractions that attract foreign tourists and attracts the residents themselves to spend a pleasant time in one of the wonderful attractions that boast this area:

1- Jawahar Mall, which known as the Mall of Arabia, is famous of its wide range of Arab tourists and is known as the largest shopping mall in Europe. Its visit is essential for tourists from all over the world to enjoy the shopping of many high-end brands in its unique architectural style.

2 – Ataturk Museum and includes the personal things of Mustafa Kamel Ataturk with many historical documents depicting his life and telling an important part of the history of the Republic of Turkey.

3 – Mosque of “Tesvikiye”, which built by Sultan Abdul Majeed I with an architectural style that imitates the European style, which is an important tourist landmark.

4 – The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Istanbul’s second largest church dating back to 1846, attracts tourists with its unique architecture.

5 – Istanbul Military Museum contains a number of Turkish weapons dating from 1000 years of Turkish military history with exhibits from World War I and is one of the most famous military museums.

6 – Ottoman Palace of “Ahlamur” built by the Sultan Abdul Majid first luxury beauty and is today a museum surrounded by gardens and cafes that make his visit a double pleasure.

This area contains museums, palaces, mosques, churches and modern malls. They are unique in their unique styles and are therefore one of the most attractive areas for tourists, investors, entrepreneurs and those looking for luxury apartments in Istanbul. All you wish for in this wonderful region.

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