Are Palestinian Passport Holders Entitled to Own Property in Turkey ?

Foreign investors have entered the Turkish real estate market recently, and the Turkish government has offered them a lot of facilities that have increased the appetite of real estate investors in Turkey.

Arab citizens of different nationalities are among the most important investors who want to own a property in Turkey, especially after the decisions to allow the owner of a property worth $ 250,000 to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Istanbul topped the list of best-selling real estate in Turkey, increasing investor appetite for property in Istanbul as growth in this large market grew.

Are Palestinian Passport Holders Entitled to Own Property in Turkey ?

Can the Palestinian own the property?

The Palestinian asks about his ability to own property in Turkey, even though the Palestinians do not all have one passport, because Some of them carry a passport of the Palestinian Authority, and some of them carry the Jordanian passport, and they are treated like any Arab who has a Jordanian or Saudi passport. Under the law of 2012, in which the Turkish government decided to open the door to 129 nationalities, including Palestinian nationality, to enter the Turkish real estate market.

The Palestinians then came to this market until they were ranked in 2017 among the top 20 foreign nationalities that own real estate in Turkey.

In March 2019, the Turkish government issued legal amendments that granted Palestinians who are holders of Iraqi, Egyptian and Lebanese travel documents the opportunity to acquire and own property. The holders of the Syrian travel document were exempted and treated as Syrians. You can read our article about “Options of real estate ownership for Syrians in Turkey” to know the options of the Syrian travel document holders.

The travel document is a document without a national number issued by the countries where Palestinians who do not have a Palestinian national number reside, allow them to travel, and come second after the passport.

It is necessary for Palestinian nationality holders for the opportunity of ownership to have a residence issued by the Immigration Department of Turkey.

A Palestinian who wants to own property can choose the property that suits him whether it is an apartment, a villa, a shop, an office, a warehouse, a hotel, a building or a land, under the condition of does not exceed 30 hectares.

Are Palestinian Passport Holders Entitled to Own Property in Turkey ?

Do Palestinians enter the new Turkish citizenship law?

Yes, a Palestinian who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship can purchase a real estate property at the legally equivalent value, complete his papers and then receive a Turkish passport that can change his life with his family completely, as it is one of the strongest passports in the world.

The Turkish Official newsletter published on 12/08/2012 the text of a law amending the conditions for the granting of Turkish nationality to include real estate within unfinished real estate projects.

The government also provides them with facilities and tax breaks to encourage them to enter the promising real estate market, making it a good time for those wishing to own property in Turkey, with access to installment or real estate offers.

Not all Palestinians are looking for expensive properties that give them the ability to receive a Turkish passport, but some want to buy cheap apartments in Istanbul or other cities in order to settle and get rid of the high wages of apartments.

Legal documents necessary to complete the ownership procedure of the Palestinian in Turkey:

  1. The purchaser or his legal agent shall be present in Turkey at the time of purchase.

  2. The extraction of a tax number, which is granted to every foreigner in Turkey, to facilitate his official transactions.

  3. Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank.

  4. The passport is translated into Turkish and authenticated by the writer in justice “noter”.

  5. Two personal photographs.

  6. Payment of property fees and is 4% of the value of the property.

Thus, it is possible to choose the right property and buy real estate in Istanbul for the Palestinians or in all the Turkish states, to enjoy the stability in Turkey.

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