Basin Express Highway in Istanbul is the Preferred Destination for Investors

Looking for a real estate investment in Istanbul seems to be hard job along with its wide area and the diversity of options, but real estate experts assert that the vitality of the site and its centrality are the most important factors of successful investment, hence the attention of investors to the Basin Express Highway being one of Istanbul’s most important real estate hubs.

Basin Express Highway in Istanbul is the Preferred Destination for Investors

Basin Express is the investors destination in Istanbul:

Investors have recently directed to Basin Express because of the rapid and significant growth of European section of Istanbul related to municipality of Bagcilar, which is a promising investment area, with many large investment projects, and Luxurious hotels and properties, and distinctive service facilities, Istanbul municipality considers Basin Express an attractive investment area for foreign investors, after including it into the Turkish Government’s urban rehabilitation project in Istanbul.

Investors have been attracted to buy real estate in Basin Express after soaring prices, and even higher rents have made their investments very profitable, being the area of Basin Express a vital and dynamic area made the demand for apartments for sale increasing.

With the increasing demand for real estate in Turkey by foreign investors who’s willing to acquire Turkish citizenship, the Basin Express has become an ideal choice especially with its proximity to Istanbul third airport.

Basin Express Highway in Istanbul is the Preferred Destination for Investors

Why Basin Express area is important?

There are many reasons made Basin Express distinguished area and attracting the local and foreigner investors, the most important factors are:

  1. Its dynamic location:

Basin Express area is located in one of the most modern and fast transport network in Istanbul, it connects the E5 highway to the International highway, also it is connected to the North Marmara Highway and the coastal road, which makes access to and from it easily accessible, in addition it is included by the new metro plan in Istanbul, and easily accessed via public transport in the city.

As its proximity location to Istanbul’s third airport which is set to be the world’s largest airport, and a driving force for growth in Turkey for the next 50 years, and is a major reason for the rising prices of the surrounding or nearby lands.

The location of Basin Express center is very close to Ataturk Airport, the industrial zone, the CNR Expo City, and it is close to many of the vital facilities, including the Mall of Istanbul, which is an important tourist attraction, and consists of seven huge towers, which its building inspired by Istanbul’s own city structure.

Thus, for those who are interested in buying apartments in Istanbul on the European side can determine their options more precisely, since the area of the Basin Express head the list of their choices, (Our experts in Estate Nation) prepare a list of the best real estate projects in the region, you can view them by clicking the Link apartments for sale in Istanbul Basin Express.

  1. Investment and urban growth:

The center of Basin Express is called the road of luxury property in Istanbul, as there are skyscrapers and modern constructed luxurious buildings on its both sides, and sophisticated apartment complexes which the seekers of apartment for sale in Istanbul desire to buy, as one of the most ideal residential options not only in Istanbul but in all of Turkey.

It also includes the largest projects inhabited by millions people per a day, ranging from investment projects, services and media facilities, which are evolving and growing day by day.

The area is serviced by all the necessary health and educational facilities, including schools, hospitals, universities, mega hotels and so on, which made it an aspiration of real estate investors in Istanbul.

  1. The promising future of Basin Express:

All of the above-mentioned architectural modernity, central location, and the direct government concern, make the future of the area of the Basin Express promising, as experts predict that the most important reasons for investment and buying property in Turkey are distinctly available in the area of the Basin Express, which is the right time for investment.

The investment success in the region of the Basin Express of Istanbul, and its powerful economic has kept it uninfluenced by the change in the prices of foreign currencies versus the Turkish lira, but its shares have remained high and steady growth.

This is supported by the fact that the region’s growth has reached the surrounding areas, such as the Gunesli district in Bagcilar district on the western side of Basin Express highway, and reports indicate that property prices in the region are increasing day by day.

In conclusion, business leaders will not find a better region than Basin Express to have the most upscale offices, and the most effective and successful investment in a modern architectural and investment revolution.

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