Best Residential Area in Istanbul

The seeker of real estate in Istanbul often wonders about best places to live in Istanbul Turkey, living in Istanbul seems like an adventure in a magical city, where the resident moves through time between the past steeped in originality and nobility, and the present steeped in modernity and civilization.

Best Residential Area in Istanbul

Istanbul is divided into 39 regions, each of which has its own municipality, and in this article, you can learn about the best residential areas in Istanbul:

  • Taksim: the most famous area of ​​Istanbul at all, and the beating heart of Istanbul and a destination for tourists from all over the world. It includes many shops and various malls that suit all tastes, as well as restaurants that offer food from all over the world, and are characterized by their crowding and suitability for lovers of nightlife and nightlife, and in the famous division of Istiklal Street, which many consulates and embassies have chosen to be their headquarters, It also has a historic Wai tram that has existed since 1875 and was re-operated in 1990.

  • Maslak: Maslak is the first investment center in Istanbul, and it is one of the most important areas of modern real estate development, characterized by a distinctive geographical location close to shopping centers and transportation, near Taksim and Levent, and is characterized by the contemporary urban style that includes the finest residential complexes And shopping centers, overlooking the Belgrade forests, as well as 15 minutes away from the Asian section, and it is one of the most important commercial areas, and the safest of earthquakes, and it has many luxurious palaces that attract capitalists and the wealthy. We put in your hands a list of the most important projects in Maslak.

  • Eyup: Eyup is one of the emerging areas overlooking the Golden Horn and the Black Sea, characterized by a geographical location in the middle of the European section of Istanbul, and Eyup is a region of great real estate importance, as it contains huge projects with distinctive services close to transportation. Are you looking for a great option in our projects in Eyup?

  • Basaksehir: If you want a quiet house away from the noise and congestion, then Basaksehir is the most ideal area for your choice, and this region is characterized by being a governorate that contains many residential complexes of contemporary and luxurious style, and it is one of the most prestigious areas Modern residential, its distinctive geographical location, close to Istanbul Canal and the third airport, increases its importance and desire. Do not miss your opportunity to view the most prestigious family housing projects in apartments for sale in Basaksehir. And also it contains the best choices of long stay Istanbul.

  • Bahcesehir: The City of Gardens, whose name was not given in vain, but rather named after the green spaces that fill it, giving it a spirit of stunning natural beauty. Strong undergarment is an opportunity not to be missed these days. You can see the most prestigious projects in the best family housing area in Istanbul in our projects in Bahcesehir.

  • Beylikduzu: Beylikduzu is one of the most popular real estate buying areas in Istanbul, and it is one of the modern high-end areas that include the most luxurious residential complexes with the best services, with a contemporary urban appearance and wide green spaces, and real estate experts in Beylikduzu see the area The most important thing in the real estate market movement in Istanbul, with its relatively acceptable prices, and the wonderful sea views that many of its apartments enjoy. You can search for the right property for you in the best accommodation in Istanbul for Beylikduzu .


Day after day, Istanbul is getting brighter in the real estate market. If you are interested in buying a house in Turkey, we offer you luxury apartments in Istanbul, and we guide you to the best projects and apartments in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us now .