Buy Real Estate in Turkey Online in the Time of Covid-19

Challenges facing all economic life facilities continue under the emerging Corona Virus pandemic that has afflicted the whole world, and not the real estate sector except in this regard, it was necessary to devise new tools and means to market and sell real estate in light of current global data and challenges, and to learn more about the impact of the Corona pandemic About the Turkish real estate market, you can read this blog.

In this decisive economic battle, the role of the Internet and electronic platforms appears as platforms for marketing and selling in the real estate sector in Turkey, as many existing real estate companies have resorted to it as an effective solution in order to complete marketing operations and re-attract customers, after Virus Corona disrupted many direct investment operations Among real estate owners, real estate companies, clients, or buyers, there was no way out but to search for a method that would suit the customer’s audience and make it easier for them to obtain a property. Here, internet marketing and social media pages had a large and important role in attracting and serving customers.


Buy Real Estate in Turkey Online in the Time of Covid-19

How to buy a property in Turkey via online

In order to purchase real estate in Turkey via the Internet, you will have to follow the real estate electronic platforms or websites of trusted real estate companies, where you can choose the property that suits your capital, then you will be asked to fill in a special form, which allows the real estate company employees to communicate with you to serve you and provide your needs, then with the help The team of the company will help you find the property you are thinking of that suits your requirements, and after you choose the appropriate property and confirm the purchase process, the real estate company will ask you to complete the purchase and send a copy of the passport, where the real estate company will then send the purchase contract to you until it is signed And then the contract is sent to the Turkish notary until it is legalized in the Turkish state to guarantee your rights, in return you transfer the required amount from your account to the real estate company account to complete the ownership process, so that the property has transferred its ownership from the owner to you in a fast, simple and smooth manner.

Steps to buy a property in Turkey electronically via Internet

You must first determine the type of property you want to buy real estate in Istanbul online , then specify the details that you want by looking at the various regions and specifications available in the markets and comparison between the various offers available to you, then determine your purchasing capabilities that you can afford, either you are able to pay the full amount of cash Or, you are considering paying for the property through monthly payments or installments.

Then choose a real estate company that you trust, as the responsible employee will provide you with all the details related to the property that falls within your area of ​​interest, and after offering multiple options and a thorough explanation of the circumstances of each property and its features, the sales team will take you on a virtual tour to visit the project or property, and when you choose For the apartment or real estate, the legal team begins preparing the necessary legal papers and documents, after which the purchase contracts are sent to be signed by you after you have sent a copy of your passport.

The Turkish government has taken some measures to preserve the progress of the process of real estate ownership and prevent it from being interrupted due to the urgent health conditions the world is currently witnessing. It has announced the possibility of completing all the transactions related to the Directorate of Land Registry via the Internet. On the conduct of the Tapu transactions through a new system called WEB TAPU. This system was activated on March 18th, and it aims to complete all transactions in the Tabu department via the Internet. The directorates of the Land Registry personally, and the system is currently being developed to enable the property owner to share information about his property with his real estate consultant to facilitate the sale of real estate and for all customers – especially foreigners – who want to obtain apartments for sale in Istanbul online.

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