Buying a Property in Istanbul during Winter

Customers who’s wishing to buy a property in Turkey prefer to wait for the summer or spring season, but winter is a golden opportunity for those who want to get the best opportunities.

Home sales increase in spring and summer due to the holiday season, and when demand is high, prices are also high. On the contrary, in the winter, the demand to buy and sell homes is very low, and therefore house prices fall to a minimum.

The winter season in Turkey lasts about 4 months: from the beginning of December to the end of March, and the average temperature in Turkey’s winter ranges between 12-13 degrees Celsius.

Buying a Property in Istanbul during Winter

The winter tourism season reaches its climax in January, when it snows and the weather becomes suitable for winter sports and distinctive winter trips. And spring. They can enjoy skiing, visit medical resorts, choose accommodation from a wide list of available hotels, and benefit from special offers and discounts in the winter season in the Turkish markets, and many more destinations and distinct opportunities.

Istanbul is the favorite destination for tourists coming to Turkey in all months of the year, even in winter when it is covered by snow, leaving the visitor an unforgettable impression. It is not just the destination for tourists, but also for investors. The winter season is a golden opportunity to buy a property in Turkey, for the following reasons:

  • Few people want to buy real estate in the winter season, which reduces competition and gives the buyer more options and a longer time to examine the offers and choose the best offer. And the real estate companies offer special offers in the winter to attract customers.

  • As a result of the decrease in the demand and the purchase of the real estate companies, there is more flexibility in negotiating with the representatives of the real estate companies, which leads the two parties to the better deal. Flexibility may reach the point of facilitating the payment transaction, as it comes in installments that extend for longer periods.

  • Hotels and tourist apartments also offer reasonable prices in the winter season compared to the prices they paint in the summer and spring season. This allows the buyer a quiet and comfortable stay until the completion of the sale and purchase operations.

  • In addition to what we mentioned previously about the beauty of tourism in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, where temperatures do not reach low levels.

Turkey had achieved its best sales number last year, as real estate sales during the year 2020 amounted to one million 499 thousand and 316 houses. Istanbul achieved the first place in the buying and selling process. In 2020, one million and 199,715 properties were sold in it, and real estate sales to foreigners in Istanbul reached 61,734, and Istanbul also topped sales of real estate to foreigners, as 39.8% of the total 154,871 homes were sold in the city.

Among the other reasons for the demand for Istanbul is its natural beauty and cultural diversity in addition to its economic strength, which made it a destination for tourism and investment. Istanbul is also distinguished as the most populated European city, with an estimated population of 215 million and a half. The city is receiving increasing interest in infrastructure development, and Istanbul Airport is among the most important mega infrastructure projects that were built in it. All this made Istanbul one of the most important destinations for real estate investment in the world.

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