Buying a Property Under Construction in Istanbul Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that the opportunity to enter the world of the real estate in Turkey looks bright in the eyes of many foreigners who have puzzling questions when they go into the depths of this world in great detail, will I buy a ready property or choose a property under construction? What is the difference between a ready property and a property under construction and other questions that we have prepared this article to answer, because we strive to serve you and facilitate the process of obtaining the right property in Turkey.

Buying a Property Under Construction in Istanbul Pros and Cons

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Many of those who are interested in buying ready-made apartments for sale in Turkey have been created, finished and completed, especially those who want to live directly in that property, or do not want to wait for the official papers to be ready, and the price of the property with them so that they do not need To the installment purchase option.

A team of Istanbul property searchers prefer to opt for Istanbul apartments under construction, and are looking to realize many of the benefits of buying an apartment under construction from the profits.

Pros of buying properties under construction:

Acquiring a property under construction seems to be a popular investment option among the pioneers of the market of real estate in Istanbul , as these properties are often cheaper than ready-made ones, so the buyer can choose an apartment with better specifications in terms of area and location at a lower price.

The buyer also has the opportunity to determine the specifications of his apartment and choose the type and quality of finishes, and gives him the option of dividing the house as he wants.

Buying a property under construction is usually in installments that will ease the buyer and help him to buy in a convenient and relatively long time.

Cons of buying a property under construction:

The disadvantages of buying this type of property is the first wait for a long time until the delivery of the property and then the buyer has frozen the capital for a longer period.

Entering this type of purchase is not without surprises that may be negative at the time of delivery as the buyer is shocked by the emergence of defects in construction or cladding that are not suitable after the completion of the work, as this process remains hypothetical and you buy a property without seeing it.

Therefore, we offer you a set of tips to help you reach your property under construction in a safe and sound manner:

  • Do not pay the full price of the property before receipt and completion of construction, but make appropriate payments for what was created.

  • Make sure to buy from reputable and trusted real estate companies or choose your apartment in government guaranteed projects.

  • Consult your real estate agent and other professionals before entering into the contract.

  • Visit the property site and inspect it yourself and make sure that this site is suitable for you, especially in terms of proximity to the means of transport and public services.

  • Write down what you want to document in the purchase contract and list all the details that have been agreed upon in it such as area, number of rooms, location, price, payments and delivery date.It is best to include a penalty clause in case the construction company delays delivery of the property to ensure your right.

  • Do not hesitate to object when you deliver the property if you find a shortage or breach of the conditions agreed between you and the construction company.

If you are looking for properties for sale in Istanbul under construction, you will find among our projects list many projects under construction by reliable companies that guarantee you a sound purchase and a suitable choice.

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