Certificate of Professional Competence for Turkish Real Estate Companies

In Turkey, everything is moving towards development and professionality, and technology has invaded with the facilities it provides in the process of various vital facilities, and it has become imperative for workers in real estate matters to obtain a professional competency certificate that enables them to practice the profession professionally, which gives customers greater confidence in the companies operating in the real estate field in Turkey, and the employees of Estate Nation have obtained this certificate, which increases their efficiency and customers’ confidence in them.


Certificate of Professional Competence for Turkish Real Estate Companies

What is a Certificate of Professional Competence?

Resolution No. 2626 published in the Official Gazette stipulated the list of qualifications to be achieved in operating real estate companies, and as of September 1, this certificate has become mandatory for real estate consultants.

This certificate aims to eradicate digital real estate illiteracy to introduce real estate consultants to the digital world and facilitate the exercise of their profession within the rapid developments taking place in Turkey, especially in the real estate market, which is receiving great demand, especially by foreign investors wishing to acquire a property in Turkey as one of the most important investment projects Trending.

In order to obtain this certificate, the real estate technology and commercial platform GBORAS launched, starting from the first of last September, its educational programs related to big data management, real estate literacy and the local network to support workers in the field of real estate to be more able to keep pace with the rapid changes and the importance of electronic technology in this field, especially after the automation of many papers and mechanisms of work in the field of real estate such as digital title deeds “Tabu”.

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