Chinese Investment in Turkish Real Estate is Doubled by 2021

The economic relations between Turkey and China are distinguished by a unique historical and geographical depth, and they are united in the current era by several common economic goals and interests, which make economic integration and cooperation between them an example of the economies of the emerging countries in the past twenty years, as the two countries share all current and future visions in several areas achieving results Important, the most important of which is the consolidation of their pioneering international and regional role, and their support for a new world order that is taking shape within a multi-polar structure.

Chinese Investment in Turkish Real Estate is Doubled by 2021

In this regard, Turkey supports the initiative “Belt and Road” to connect China to Europe via other Asian countries through Turkey, and this initiative is represented in a very large Chinese project that was launched in 2013 to be the successor to the famous historical Silk Road, and it can direct global trade towards China, and this project has met Supporting 126 countries, and within the framework of this project, there are basic Turkish infrastructures represented in “Yavuz Selim” bridge on the Bosphorus Strait, Eurasia tunnels under the Bosphorus Strait and Bridge of “Çanakkale” on the Dardanelles Strait and high-speed rail lines.

Also, the consolidation of economic cooperation between Turkey and China will support free trade and economic cooperation between the two countries and boost their growth, through Turkey’s endeavor to increase the volume of annual trade exchange with China in the beginning to 50 billion dollars, which is twice the current level, then to 100 billion Dollars, and the Chinese investment in Turkey is of particular importance today. In the years, the number of Chinese companies operating in Turkey has reached nearly one thousand companies.

In addition, Chinese investors have entered the field of turkey real estate investment by establishing luxury five-star hotel projects, the most important of which is an international hotel under construction that offers an attractive investment proposal, and in an important investment of $ 594 million, the Trade Bank bought The Chinese industry is the second highest European tower “Istanbul Tower 205”, which won a European award for the best office and best building, as well as increasing real estate investments that make the Chinese among the first in the list of foreigners who bought Turkish property recently, and important joint gains were achieved in the field of tourism, so the number of Th tourists Significantly, Chinese people in Turkey in recent years, knowing that China has declared 2018 as the year of tourism in Turkey, and the two countries aim to achieve the goal “one million Chinese tourists in Turkey”.

Double the investments

Recently, the Chinese ambassador to Ankara announced that his country aims to double its investments in Turkey to reach six billion dollars by 2021, the year that marks the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and this came during the speech of the Chinese ambassador to the Turkish-Chinese trade and investment seminar held In Istanbul in mid-2019, she discussed ways to increase bilateral trade and investment between the two countries, attended by a Chinese business delegation that included 28 Chinese companies.

The Chinese ambassador said at the time that the Chinese market is open to many Turkish products, and he urged Turkish companies to find the appropriate partners and allocate more efforts to marketing Turkish products in China, and pointed out that the Belt and Road project in his country contributes to enhancing cooperation between the two countries in many fields.

The Chairman of the Council for the Promotion of South-South Cooperation also affirmed that Turkey, as a regional power stretching across Asia and Europe, has tremendous potential to increase its cooperation with China in a wide range of fields such as agriculture, energy, transportation and tourism, and added that Chinese companies whose business covers finance, infrastructure and environmental protection Electronic technology, security, culture, tourism, agriculture, and animal husbandry are seeking new deals with their Turkish counterparts.

During his speech at the symposium the Chinese Consul General in Istanbul that the volume of trade between China and Turkey has reached 100 billion US dollars since the two countries cooperated in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China during the past five years, and during the same period, Chinese investment in Turkey grew by 120 in The percent, with nearly 1,000 Chinese companies now operating in Turkey, while the number of Chinese tourists visiting Turkey increased by more than 60 percent to about 400,000 in 2018, and for more information about the most important cities in Turkey attractive to real estate investment you can see this blog.

Chinese Investment in Turkish Real Estate is Doubled by 2021

Chinese investment in the Turkish real estate market

Chinese investment in Turkey has witnessed a significant increase during the past few years, and the Chinese activity in Turkey was not limited to trade alone, but also included real estate investment, as the proportion of Chinese buying real estate in Turkey increased during 2019, and there are many attractions that contribute to the increase of Chinese investments in the market Turkish real estate and in the Turkish economy in general, including:

  • Many and varied investment opportunities presented by the Turkish economy.

  • Turkey’s distinctive strategic location.

  • Availability of raw materials in abundance, ease and reasonable prices.

  • Availability of alternative energy sources.

  • Trade agreements linking Turkey with the European Union.

  • The facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors.

  • Turkish citizenship, which facilitates their movement to European countries and the United States of America.

  • Prices of the property in turkey are less expensive if compared to real estate prices in China or even Europe.

  • Ease of buying real estate in Turkey by foreigners.

  • The constant stability witnessed by the Turkish real estate market in the face of fluctuations in the currency and the Turkish economy.

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