Education in Turkey

Most foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey for the purpose of housing or living stability also want excellent opportunities for education in this emerging and growing country, as Turkey began its endeavors to improve the educational sector since it was declared an independent state in 1923, and after several years the number of universities increased from 76 to 146 The university is spread all over the country, which made Turkey a “student-friendly” country as they do not have to travel to other cities and incur additional costs in order to complete their university studies. Six Turkish universities have been selected among the top 500 universities in the world.

Turkey’s distinguished location, linking east and west, not only makes it a commercial and economic center, but also an ideal destination for students who wish to study abroad in a distinguished atmosphere with an ancient culture that respects and accommodates other cultures.

Here is an overview of the educational stages in Turkey and additional reasons for you to study in Turkey.

Education in Turkey

Study stages in Turkey:

The public education system in the Republic of Turkey includes: 1) Kindergarten “Nursery” 2) Primary 3) Secondary 4) Higher Education “University, Institute…etc.”

Education in the first three stages is free and guaranteed to all Turkish citizens as well as to foreigners residing in Turkey.

  • Kindergarten (Nursery): It is a non-compulsory stage and includes children aged 3-5 years.

  • The basic stage (primary and preparatory): It is a compulsory and free study stage for Turkish citizens or residents in Turkey, and includes the age group between 6-14 years, and lasts eight years, so that students choose after they have completed the secondary school they wish to enroll in (general secondary school). professional, technical, arts…

  • Secondary stage: It is also a compulsory stage, and its duration is four years.

  • University education: The Agency for Higher Education (YÖK) manages the Turkish higher education system, while each university sets its own academic calendar, and the university academic year begins in September and ends in May.

Among the programs offered by Turkish universities are:

  • Qualifying education programs: The program extends for two years and graduates can obtain their degree without a central exam.

  • Bachelor’s Programs: The program extends between 4-6 years, according to each section.

  • Master’s Programs: Master’s programs in Turkish universities vary, as the program with written research extends to two years and the program without written research to only one and a half years.

  • PhD programs: PhD programs extend to 4 years. Some universities offer a “post-doctoral program” for those who wish to expand their university major.

An increasing number of Turkish universities have their curricula in English, such as medicine, engineering, academic sciences and humanities, as well as business and finance programs. Turkey is also a member of many international educational organizations, which gives students many advantages, including the adoption of the graduate student’s certificate in Turkish universities all over the world.

It is worth noting that Turkish universities do not depend on the result of the general secondary certificate to accept the student in their universities; That is, the average of the high school diploma does not affect your freedom to choose the branch you want.

Turkish universities offer a variety of scholarships that provide tuition fees to the student by up to 40%, and the number of scholarships awarded is 400 annually.

Many Arab students choose to complete their undergraduate and graduate studies in Turkish universities, due to the similarity of lifestyle in Turkey with Arab countries, and the presence of a large percentage of Arabs and Muslims in it, which makes it easier for them to integrate into Turkish society.

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