Everything about The New Digital Property Document for Real Estate in Turkey

The property document in Turkey is called “Tabu”, which is an official document proving your ownership of this or that property, which is the paper that should not be overlooked in the purchase of a Turkish property, avoiding the potential risks when buying property in Turkey.

Everything about The New Digital Property Document for Real Estate in Turkey

The Turkish government undertook a series of measures that made it easier for foreigners to obtain the bond, and then made changes to develop its format in a way that seems to be easier, faster and more modern by creating a QR code.

How does the QR code work?

If you are looking for apartments in Turkey for sale, you should check the QR code, which is a technical code that stores encrypted data and is linked to the website parselsorgu.tkgm.gov.tr which enables you to view the details of Sanad With a single press of a button, you can scan the area under the property document of your mobile phone or tablet camera and automatically navigate to the website that provides you with the necessary information.

This is why you are assured of the importance of buying your property through a reliable real estate agent who provides you with advice and legal details and puts you in the picture of developments in the real estate sector in Turkey, our team at Estate Nation is ready to serve you through legal and practical advice to reach your ideal property for sale in Istanbul .

Advantages of digital property document:

  • Provides easy and fast access to all necessary information about the property from space, location and others.

  • Does not contain unnecessary information.

  • Contains an identification code for each property, which represents the technical alternative to the details that are included in the old property document “City, District, District ….”

Everything about The New Digital Property Document for Real Estate in Turkey

The difference between the old property document and the digital property document:

There is no doubt that those who want to search for houses in Istanbul for sale are interested in the details of the new property document and the differences between it and the old one, and in order to help you find your ideal property in Istanbul you must know the full details about the new real estate world, the most prominent of these Differences:

  • The new document design is simpler than the old one and does not include any unnecessary information.

  • It consists of three sections: a section with information about the owner of the property, a section with information about the property and a section with registration information.

  • Displays historical information related to the property as well as the owner’s share of the property and the area of ​​his shares of the property.

  • Displays the total and net real estate area according to architectural plans.

Turkey, which attracted many Arab and foreign investors, gave them the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship by owning a property that continued to attract them and encouraged them through the facilities provided by them and the technical development, which included documents and facilitated the follow-up of many practical things from a distance.

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