Features of Housing in Residential Complexes in Istanbul

As a real estate investor or even as a home searcher for you and your family in the magnificent city of Istanbul at the same time, you will find a variety of options when searching for your residential property or Istanbul real estate investment , but the choice of residential complexes remains the most modern and distinctive and comfortable option in many important areas, and despite the presence There are some very minor downsides to this option, but its advantages are much greater and more than the downside.

Features of Housing in Residential Complexes in Istanbul

However, in this post we will explain to you the most important features of houses within the residential complexes, which have become a milestone in the Turkish real estate market in general, and within the sprawling city of Istanbul in particular, and here are the most important features:

  • Security and permanent protection: The level of safety in the residential complexes is very high, where there is a security guard room at the gate of the apartment complex, and strangers cannot enter without the guard takes their names and know the person who want to visit inside the compound, as well as the residential complexes with surveillance cameras and alarm , Which makes residents confident that their homes will remain safe in the absence of home or travel outside the city or the country.

  • Service environment and entertaining: the complexity of the complexes in Istanbul are the services that surround the towers and residential buildings within these complexes, in addition to facilities that provide an additional type of luxury, comfort and pleasure, the complexes usually contain swimming pools, green spaces and places for children to play, in addition to football fields Basket and tennis sometimes, which gives residents more luxury and fun and spend special times without the need to get out of the complex, and there can sometimes be restaurants, cafes and shops within the complex, as some complexes have a private mosque and school or kindergarten, and some Complexes may exist where the private office towers, allowing to be your business and you live in the same complex.

  • The beauty of interior and exterior design: Turkish engineering companies are considered one of the best companies within the field of beauty of interior and exterior design alike, and everyone notes the high level of engineering interest in the design of the external and internal structures of buildings and apartments within the complexes, as the construction companies and real estate in Turkey are competing and competing to show their residential complexes Construction companies are very interested in choosing the finest building materials and decoration, and in Istanbul complexes you find all types of apartments in terms of the number of rooms and spaces, in addition to the distinctive views of the balconies apartments There are two types of views: either the apartment overlooking the tourist sites, lively and natural surroundings of the complex, or the view to be inside the complex overlooking the greenery surrounding buildings and towers, in both cases residents enjoy amazing views to spend the most enjoyable times on the balconies of their homes, and distinctive additions Also, the modern Istanbul complexes take into account very important building conditions, the most important of which is that earthquakes and natural disasters be built.

Features of Housing in Residential Complexes in Istanbul

  • Fewer responsibilities: This is a very convenient point and a different point in favoring apartment complexes over other Istanbul apartments. For example, when the elevator breaks down, you will not have to wait to collect the cost of repair from the neighbors. The operator of the complex is responsible for this. The owner of the property pays monthly to the operator to cover the costs of protection, welfare, repairs and maintenance. There are those responsible for repairs and maintenance operations and to overcome any emergency breakdown without urgently occupying the residents or placing any responsibility on themselves.

  • Unique sites: The method of choosing the right location for the construction of a residential complex in Istanbul is not absurd, because most of the companies that oversee the construction of residential complexes in Istanbul is keen to build in a dynamic or tourist site near major shopping centers and the latest commercial complexes in Istanbul, and often Surrounded by a fast transport network, or modern transport links, even the best residential complexes in Istanbul are located in the areas of urban transformation, near the new Istanbul airport or on the “Basin Express” or near the new Istanbul Canal, because real estate in these areas Suitable for residential investment significantly Have a great opportunity to increase the prices of real estate in more than the normal rates of real estate prices in Istanbul, making it an ideal choice for those looking for apartments for sale Istanbul Turkey.

  • Safe social structure and excellent investment objective: The residential complexes consist of a group of residential buildings, surrounded by a fence and a security system supported by full-time technologies and security personnel to protect the complex and its inhabitants. The complex has a single administration that supervises and manages it. Housing is therefore a new model of modern and sophisticated housing models, based on a particular service and social structure, and includes under this structure elements of security, tranquility and stability through the services provided to all residents, and many real estate professionals believe that the best areas of real estate in Istanbul is a residential complex, to which a large proportion of real estate investments are currently heading.

  • Facilitate transportation: Istanbul’s transport network is vital, complex and sophisticated, but the city’s breadth makes transportation sometimes confusing, so in many of these complexes it has been the practice to provide transportation linking the residential complex to the main points of public transport. Saves time and effort on people who are on public transport. They all give high value for anyone who want to buy apartment in Istanbul .

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