How to Avoid Risks When Buying a Property in Istanbul?

In spite of the spaciousness and durability of the real estate market in Turkey, and its rise clearly in recent years attracting foreigners from all over the world to invest in them or even just to buy a real estate in one of the beautiful Turkish cities rising, but this must be unfortunately associated with some of the weak souls who work Always tuck the poison into honey, and try to get as much as possible gains illegally, taking advantage of the demand – especially foreigners – for Turkish real estate and its rapidly growing market.

How to Avoid Risks When Buying a Property in Istanbul?

In order not to fall into the Turkish real estate market in any fraud, deception, fraud or circumvention of laws or rights, here is a set of precious advice prepared by a group of legal experts and trusted real estate agents in Turkey, which must adhere to anyone who wants to acquire Real estate in Turkey, whether for housing or investment, these tips are as follows:

  • Search and communicate on the Internet: must search for the best real estate companies on the Internet, and here the quality of the company’s website is the first indicator of the level of efficiency of that company, if the form of the site is really professional, and does not contain annoying music or bad links or poor design, This is a good indicator as a first step, and after finding the company and selecting the appropriate property for your request, you can send an e-mail to the company, if the response takes longer than a week, this is another indicator of the inefficiency of the company, and when the response occurs, the letter will clearly show you the level of efficiency That company through moderation also beyond exaggeration, if they seemed – for example – are very eager to bring you to Turkey as soon as possible, you have to wonder about the truth of this urgency! However, if they stay and answer your questions directly, give them a phone call to get a clear impression. As a final note, most professional real estate agents must have at least one employee who can speak fluent English.

  • The need for a real estate agent: Although there are many laws that guarantee the rights of customers in Turkey, but the possibility of loopholes that may be exposed to a foreigner when buying real estate remains in spite of all the laws, so the first thing you have to do is find Trusted real estate agent. Some people think that they can save money by not resorting to a real estate agent, but in the end, it can cost them a lot if they are tricked or scammed without having an agent to guide them and preserve their rights.

  • Resume of the company or real estate agent: It is necessary to know the full details and information about the real estate company or the person you are dealing with as a real estate agent and to know how it got to what it is now public information, and you have to consider whether its previous works and projects and construction sound and present on Whether the company and its employees are the most important things to keep in mind, a large number of foreigners in Turkey undergo a famous and frequent monument. They recognize a friendly waiter who, for example, turns them into a friend who claims to be Sells real estate at a very reasonable price You may also lose money for a down payment, or, at worst, their entire savings after it becomes clear that these people are liars. You should also check the identity card and legal licenses of the other party, seller or contractor. On the company’s legal papers, this may clearly indicate their past.

  • Deceptive and exaggerated appearances: be careful of people who boast of their luxury cars and luxury offices, it may be just to dazzle and suggest efficiency and magnitude, as some try to delude customers that he is strong in the market away from his past, which is devoid of good and successful business, as it should Beware of anything that may affect your feelings or your thoughts, the deceitful seller may promise you to make fictional profits in a short period, so avoid this seller and this apartment, and do not quickly trust those who frequently talk about religious and political values, this is also in the context of swindlers who come to the over Languages ​​and fraud operations.

How to Avoid Risks When Buying a Property in Istanbul?

  • Beware of objects and schemes: Do not buy from the buildings to be built before the issuance of the building permit and do not buy apartments from the objects, whether you buy an old or new property directly from a contracting company, the land may be mortgaged or reserved, so you should make sure that before buying, Try to make all your payments through the bank, otherwise you will need to have an instrument containing the house descriptions and the copy of the original signature remains with you. You should also be cautious if you buy a property on the plan, as you can actually save a lot of money by buying a property on the plan before you implement it, but you have to be careful, as some companies do not have the money to finish the building, so you should get a guarantee from the construction companies In this case, of course, mentioning the terms of the penalty in the contract in case of late delivery, here it may be good to buy a property guaranteed by the Turkish government as a safer and more comfortable solution for the customer.

  • Service fees: Most of the properties in Turkey are characterized by gardens or even swimming pools in addition to security staff and other services, these services increase the price of the property, for example you can buy an apartment for 500 thousand TL, but you may be surprised that you pay Services and maintenance may be up to 30 thousand TL or more per year, so you should clearly inquire about the services and fees.

  • Authorization from the military: any foreigner who buys a property in Turkey must obtain permission from the Turkish military stating that the property is not close to a military base or is not located within a military zone, and unlike in previous years when those permits took a year or more for approval, That is now at the place of purchase so the title deed usually takes between two to four weeks lost with all its security and military declarations.

  • Official Documents: You should clarify all matters related to the title deed and other official documents. If you wish to proceed with the purchase, the attorney or real estate agent, the seller and the buyer must formulate a contract of sale stating the full terms of sale. The payment terms are clearly stated with any penalty clause on anyone who does not comply with the agreed terms and when you pay the advance, make sure that it is protected by bonds and you do not have to pay a lot early as a down payment, and it is important to see some good tips to save as much money as possible when buying Real Estate in Istanbul.

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