How to Buy a Property in Turkey Online

The spread of the “Covid-19” virus since 2019 has led to a significant paralysis of flights and travel around the world, which threatens to decline the economy in Turkey and push the government to take new and distinctive measures in the Turkish real estate market.

Thus, on 18-03-2020, the Turkish government approved a decision in favor of the Land Registry Department stipulating the opening of channels for buying and owning the property and title deed via the Internet “online”, and the possibility of conducting all transactions through direct video calls without the need for the buyer to come to the country and appear in TABU Department in person, Provided that all this is done through a government platform issued by Turkey under the name Web TAPU.

How to Buy a Property in Turkey Online

In just a month and a half since the law on the title deed was passed through the Internet, more than 100,000 properties were purchased in Turkey via the “online” Internet service, and the value of what was sold amounted to more than a hundred million dollars, of which foreign customers had an ample share. That is according to the Turkish Statistics Institute.

Real estate companies in Turkey were quick to promote the purchase of real estate in Turkey via the Internet, and to provide services and guarantees to reassure customers.

But what are the steps to buying a property in Turkey online?

Those wishing to buy a property in Turkey must search carefully for the property information they want, then contact the company that decided to deal with them and provide them with the details he wants, such as the type of property, its area, the neighborhoods he prefers, and the amount he allocated to buy the property.

Then the company must inform the customer of the real estate offers suitable for him, and take him on a virtual tour that includes introducing the property through a recorded video, and then through a direct video call. In addition to providing the customer with 3D pictures and diagrams, and answering his questions about the property.

How are the legal procedures carried out?

When the customer intends to buy, he must go to the Turkish embassy or consulate in his country, and establish a legal agency for the real estate company that he decided to deal with, so that it can complete all procedures legally.

This stage also includes negotiating the price of the property, the method of payment (in one payment or in batches through the bank), and the delivery date. And the signing of the sales contract.

The real estate company that assigned it registers the ownership record and the title deed in the name of the client and sends the official papers via mail to reach him wherever he is.

And when the client arrives in Turkey, he only has to go to the company to collect the key of his property.

And many customers still prefer to buy online, even after the Covid-19 crisis subsides and many airports around the world reopen.

The demand for real estate purchases via the Internet is increasing in order to save a lot of time and money for the customer who would have spent them on travel and hotel reservations or temporary housing, and the Turkish government encouraged this process and provided many facilities such as money transfers through banks. And also because of the desire of many foreign buyers to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.

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