How to Find Your Ideal Property in Istanbul ?

Istanbul’s life attracts many seekers for a safe, clean environment and a balanced natural lifestyle, along with cleanliness and entertainment, it also attracts tourists seeking adventure in history or recreation in the lap of nature, it is also a treasure from the investors’ point of view looking for safe-earning investment.

Each one of them has a path through which to reach his or her real estate objective, we are at ESTATE NATION consider it as our duty to take our customers’ hands towards the proper choice of their wishes and budgets, for this reason, we include in this article a set of guidelines that help to reach the ideal property, from our experience in this field.

How to Find Your Ideal Property in Istanbul ?

  • Select your destination and budget: There is no doubt that the first step begins by setting the goal of buying the property, the choice of tourists may differ from destination and investors, setting a financial budget will help you reduce your options, you will not have to watch properties that are much higher or lower than your budget, which is very important in a huge real estate market like Istanbul.

  • Search the real estate market in Istanbul and follow his news from reliable sources and not just what you might be told, you must be familiar with the latest news of this market, and to know demand indicators for real estate in neighborhoods that suit your destination, , and be aware of the options available in each of these neighborhoods, and the prices offered, so as to narrow the circle of choice more, it is worth noting that property prices in Turkey are generally reasonable compared to other European and Middle Eastern countries, , and that these prices vary depending on the features and location of the property, and that the decline of the Turkish lira against other currencies makes it an opportunity for foreigners to buy their properties now in Turkey.

  • If you are looking for real estate investment you must know that the tourist areas or central areas are the most vital for the successful investment, the prices of these areas are much higher than others, and therefore provide a high rent, most notably in Istanbul, the region known as the peninsula, and areas along the tramway line, where it is possible to establish large projects with large capital, it is also useful to remember that the transport node comes in the second tier after the central sites, the closer you get to the main transport stations such as the tram, the metro, the higher the value of real estate and the greater the demand to buy and rent.

  • The real estate investment researcher can move to areas of low or popular prices where the Turkish government is undertaking large infrastructure projects to rehabilitate these areas and give them the opportunity to compete in the real estate sector in Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Canal or Istanbul III or where the government plans to build new transportation or transportation projects such as the new metro and the new port, these properties can be purchased at low prices and sold at higher prices after completion of these mega projects.

How to Find Your Ideal Property in Istanbul ?

  • It is also possible to benefit from the offers offered by construction companies to buy property in installments in Istanbul, which ensures a profit after the sale of the property when the completion of the implementation; perhaps the investor was able to get an apartment at a rate of 30% less than the finished apartments, and do not forget to pay attention to growth rates in the area where you buy your property.

Real estate investment is one of the best investments in Turkey. It is also an opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship by owning a property. This sector has grown and continues to grow after reaching its highest level by the end of 2018.

  • Istanbul has become a luxury destination where you can find an apartment in the most modernist buildings in the finest quiet neighborhoods, within the luxurious architectural styles and integrated services; it is time to own your smart apartment, which races the time in Istanbul’s high-end neighborhoods at a price that matches your budget, if you are looking for well-being and comfort, choose your ideal choice in Istanbul apartments with great panoramic views.

  • At the same time if you are looking for cheap apartments in Istanbul, you will find your requests in some of its modern neighborhoods such as Esenyurt or Beylikdüzü, where many foreigners and Arabs, especially to stay in beautiful neighborhoods at reasonable prices, Thus, Istanbul can secure the needs of all its fans and provide them with the right choice and budgets.

  • Do not pay attention to a specific attribute and ignore other characteristics, be careful and not focus on one type of specifications, sometimes the desire for a large space makes the buyer turn a blind eye to some negative characteristics of the site, it is necessary to balance and follow the characteristics of the whole property,  it is useful to pay attention to the services provided by the residential complexes and to know the returns that people pay for these services, which may be doubled in the coming years, so that you are fully aware of the information of the property you accept to buy.

  • Choose your trusted real estate agent: Your agent makes buying and selling easier, and shortens the time and effort; it takes upon itself the necessary routines, and one of his most important tasks is to guide you to the right path in the real estate world through his previous experiences, look for a professional agent who can help you make sure that the property is free of any taxes, mortgage or lease rights, , and ensure the conformity of the property to its specifications in the title deed, and from the person of the seller and his eligibility to sell the property, and also takes you to visit the property and preview it yourself, your real estate agent will also conduct the purchase transaction, which may take more time depending on the nationality of the buyer, which may reach up to 45 days in some cases.

Your real estate agent’s advice will guide you to the ideal path; you can take advantage of the free consultation provided by ESTATE NATION experts do not miss your chance. Call Now.