Increased Demand of Hotel Apartments for Sale in Istanbul for Investors

Turkey is a very important attraction for Arab and foreign investors. Investment in Turkey seems to be one of the largest and most promising investment fields with a high profile.

The investors interest in real estate investment in Turkey, which become one of the most important real estate investments around the world and has made remarkable progress in European countries and other neighboring countries.

Increased Demand of Hotel Apartments for Sale in Istanbul for Investors

The first city in the Turkish real estate market:

Istanbul is ranked as first in terms of real estate investment. Its real estate market is very popular, due to the increasing demand for housing by both Turks and foreigners, with the number of tourists increasing significantly.

Istanbul is the best real estate site in Turkey with a charming nature, a historical and cultural position with its distinctive location that connects the East and the West. Istanbul’s real estate is the hub of Turkey’s real estate market and the main attraction point of real estate investments for foreign investors. Most of the foreign investors prefer this giant city, which combines the fragrant history with the geography strategy and the wonderful climate, among the latest luxury engineering designs that compare to the European cities and include the finest services, entertainment, protection, gardens, Restaurants and cafes, where modern residential complexes have integrated facilities and services in a manner that attracts those who desire a special life.

The demand for real estate investment in this period is a great opportunity to take advantage of the high prices witnessed by the city and the tremendous development that promises it. The researchers are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey on the city of Istanbul, whether for housing and comfortable stability or profitable investment, with the availability of real estate projects Which are being carried out by major companies from cash sales or installment offers.

Increased Demand of Hotel Apartments for Sale in Istanbul for Investors

Hotel Apartments the Broadest Investment Area:

There is no doubt that real estate investment is a profitable investment in general. However, the best type of real estate investment is investment in tourist housing and hotel apartments which is best real estate investments in Istanbul , especially in a tourist city such as Istanbul, where the tourism sector embraces the real estate sector together to create a wide investment area Prospects.

Tourists look for accommodation in the city and find it more comfortable than hotels, especially if they want a relatively long stay or were with their families, prompting them to search for family apartments for sale in Istanbul. 

The construction companies compete in the apartments projects, which are accepted by foreign investors to buy them, as a profitable investment project, especially after the high demand for this type of apartments, especially in locations close to the tourist attractions, as many investors are interested in Istanbul luxury apartments for sale overlooking the houses for sale in bosphorus Istanbul , in order to achieve the ambitions of tourists with a distinctive stay in the city.

The investor in this project only needs to choose the location of his hotel apartment ideally, and the apartment is fully furnished for the purpose of the tourist who needs to rest and provide the basic needs of electrical tools and furniture to meet the expectations of a comfortable home.

The investor can support his project with successful marketing, and even the guests themselves are a factor of free promotion if they find comfort at him, and many construction companies provide a tenancy for these apartments up to ten years sometimes, meaning that the investor will not tire himself with the rental business but will arrive Profit since the first day.

The tourists are looking for apartments in Turkey “Taksim” or famous “Istiklal Meydan” or near “Sultanahmet” mosque or other tourist attractions, so the investor should move towards the central and tourist sites or near the center of the real estate investment in apartments for sales in Istanbul bomonti , near “Sisli”, which is witnessing an architectural renaissance embracing history and modernity, is a unique opportunity for aspiring investors to invest in this field.

Those interested in investing can choose between buying real estate under construction in close proximity to modern transport lines, buying old and restored real estate, investing it by selling or renting, buying a property for sale in turkey in a prime location and getting the best offers for rent, day.

There are areas in Istanbul that are increasingly in demand for centralization or tourism value. For example, those wishing to buy apartments in central Istanbul – or in areas close to the city center such as Istanbul’s “Sisli” Apartments – are doubling over time.

The integrated infrastructure supports real estate investment and enables its confident steps, especially with the huge projects set up by the Turkish government in recent years such as the new airport, Istanbul Canal and modern transport lines.

Turkey’s unique location, central hub of Istanbul, government support that provides legal facilities for investors, stability of the economy and mega-projects witnessed by the country have all contributed significantly to the growth of the Turkish real estate sector, making investment in this area an opportunity for ambitious investment, so they still looking for best real estate agency in Istanbul  to help them making the best choice.

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