Increasing demand for apartments for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul

With all the historical, tourist and economic significance of Istanbul, Istanbul, in most cases – especially from foreigners and those coming from outside this charming city – might shine towards the European side of that city, which is a bridge between the European and Asian continents, but despite that, The fact of the matter is that the Asian side of the city is no less important in its aesthetic, historical, tourist and even economic importance than its European counterpart.

You will find and you will be surprised by the movement and restlessness on the Asian side of Istanbul, with all its shopping centers, attractions, parks, entertainment centers and huge economic projects, allowing you to see another renewed face of Istanbul, that city full of surprises and endless beauty.

As with all other facilities that will surprise you in Istanbul, Asia, you will find that the real estate sector on that side is booming and prosperity is, through huge projects, great demand, attractive offers, and attractions that you should definitely draw attention to in order to set your sights in case you think A successful investment project. And all the real estate statistics recently indicate the growing demand for real estate investment in the rising real estate projects on the Asian side, which makes us take the investment in that distinguished geographical spot into consideration and for all those who want to invest in real estate in Turkey.

Increasing demand for apartments for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul

Promising projects

There are huge projects on the Asian side of Istanbul! It contains apartments for sale in “Kartal” and apartments for sale in “Kadikoy”, in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Istanbul, which makes it definitely an ideal place for outstanding real estate investment, and those projects include luxury residences that offer a wide range ranging from room and lounge apartments to five-room and lounge apartments, in addition to spacious duplex apartments.

In addition to the placement of most projects near metro stations, as they are directly connected to the metro bus connecting the European and Asian sides and ferry terminals, and some projects are located near the E5 highway, and near all major transport arteries such as the TEM highway, the Anatolian Expressway, and the coastal road , Baghdad Street, and most projects are a reasonable distance from Sabiha Airport, one of the most important Turkish airports for interstate flights.

Many real estate projects on the Asian side overlook the Marmara Sea and its islands, some of them also feature cultural centers, exhibition halls, swimming pools, walking and entertainment areas, sports clubs, and sauna centers, and some also have open shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, and shops, with a guaranteed return To invest in the future or for any searcher for apartments for sale on the Asian side.

And just like the European side, real estate projects in the Asian side contain home or commercial offices, in addition to stores and independent spaces, making them ideal for those wishing to invest in the real estate market within Istanbul, and also for those looking for a summer house, or those who seek to establish a commercial office. In general, the Asian part is an original party from the city of Istanbul, and it enjoys relative peace and quiet compared to the European party, and it also has an atmosphere of charming green nature, not to mention the multiplicity of regions and tourist attractions in it, which made Istanbul Asian a destination for the elite of investors, owners and tourists.

How to go to the Asian party

  • By air: From Sabiha International Airport, 20 km east of Kadikoy, which can be reached by public bus “E10”, you can also take “Havatas” bus that connects the airport with Taksim on the European side and Kadikoy on the Asian side.

  • By train: via “Haydarpaşa” Station, Istanbul’s main station for Asian destinations, located about 5-10 minutes’ walk from Kadikoy city center. The fastest choice for travel between the European and Asian side of Istanbul is via Marmaray, which connects the Ayrılık Çeşmesi and üsküdar stations with the European side, and Marmaray also connects to metro line 1 in Yenikapı. In addition to the new train that will connect Sabiha Airport with the new Istanbul Airport.

  • By bus: From Harem station, which is the main station of the Asian side, and the first place to connect from Istanbul with many buses to Istanbul Asia, it is located in the middle of the road between Escudar and Kadikoy.

By ferry: It is the best way to start exploring the Asian side of Istanbul by taking the ferry to Kadikoy from the Amenono port and the Amenono port can be reached via the metro station from the center of Istanbul.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Asian side, or you want to ask about the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul, we are ready to help you determine your most appropriate choice, and to ensure that you get the best options available in terms of profit and preserve the value of your future real estate that you wish for housing or investment in Turkey, take advantage of our guidance and advice completely free of charge, which our experts will gladly and welcome you. Call now .