Information about Buying a Villa in Turkey

The purchase of villas in Turkey is increasing, whether by the Turks themselves due to the high standard of living, or by foreigners, for several reasons, including: the desire for recreation and vacation periods away from the hustle and bustle of cities, or a desire to invest in the villa by renting it After buying and furnishing them, or for permanent stability, and here it is possible to take into account the proportionality of the space and prices of some villas with the conditions set for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. Thus, we find that buying a villa in Turkey can return more than one benefit to the buyer.

It is possible to find villas in Turkey, for sale or for rent, in almost all cities. The villas are of two types: either an independent villa with a large garden, a swimming pool, a playground and a garage for personal use, that is, for the owner of the property only, and often these villas consist of one or two floors as a maximum, and the floor contains one or two rooms as a minimum, and a kitchen equipped with the necessary equipment.

Information about Buying a Villa in Turkey

As for the second type, it is the multi-complexes of villas located in a common location, where there is more than one villa, in which security protection is provided, and each villa contains an independent pool, in addition to the presence of a swimming pool in the common area as well. The common area in the complex contains more common services, for example there are children’s play areas for the owners only. Indoor gymnasium, sauna, outdoor walking area, cycling track and outdoor sports equipment.

The prices of villas in Turkey vary according to the specifications of each villa and the place in which they are located, for example independent villas are more expensive than those in common areas. The proximity to and distance from vital places such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers also affects the prices or rents of villas. We must not forget the peculiarity of each city, as the prices of villas in Istanbul differ from them in Sapanca, for example, as well as villas in Trabzon or Antalya.

Villas abound in the two areas overlooking the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, and these two areas are characterized by the wonderful climate, especially in the summer, which makes them a popular destination for local and foreign tourists, and therefore construction companies focus on building villas in those areas with standard specifications and offer them for sale or rent at competitive prices. Whenever we move away from the sea and head into the city, we find cheaper and more affordable villas.

Despite the increase in all real estate prices in Turkey in the past decade, their prices remain acceptable when compared to real estate prices in Europe, as the average prices of villas in Turkey range between one million US dollars and two million, and this makes Turkey an attractive environment for investors.

The experience of living in Turkey’s villas remains an unforgettable experience that combines the tranquility and charm of living in nature and enjoying the features of contemporary life.

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