Istanbul Real Estate Investment by Lands

Real estate investment in Turkey remains one of the fastest and most reliable types of investments in the country, and this investment includes multiple sectors, including real estate investment through land ownership, which is one of the best options for successful investment in Turkey, so often the investment of land in Turkey brings successful fruits, from By converting your land investment in Istanbul into profits over the short term. It should be noted that investing in land is not the same as buying a house, for example, in the case of a home, you can see potential problems by visiting this house, and buying a piece of land requires more detailed research.

Istanbul Real Estate Investment by Lands

Real estate investment advices via land ownership

  • Choose a ready-made area that is not under development.

  • Ensure that all land documents are kept.

  • Take advantage of opportunities, for example there are some lands that are without a building permit and you can get them over time, so take the opportunity and get it before giving building permission because the price of the land will rise a lot at a later time.

  • Find out if the land has permission to distribute upon purchase.

  • If a zoning permit exists, check the zoning status.

  • Ask if there is a housing, commercial area, workplace, or social service area, because you cannot make the business center a residential area, for example, nor can you build a residence in a commercial area, so I know well about the details of the right to build on your land.

  • Examine the ground study (geological), although the value of others will decrease, but the lands of a solid nature are always resistant against earthquake hazards.

  • Find out if there is a problem with the property, such as a mortgage, partnership or public interest right.

  • Get information about where the highways will pass in the future, as the roads pass through the upper or lower areas, so you should avoid such areas.

  • Places where large construction companies invest, land prices always rise, and for this you must seize the opportunity and purchase in the same region because the return on investment is 100% guaranteed.

  • When you do all the previous details, real estate investment in Istanbul by purchasing the land guarantees you an excellent return on investment in the near or far time, and the percentage of profits is more than the rest of the types of real estate.

Terms and laws of land ownership in Turkey for foreigners

  • It is required for foreign individuals towards agricultural lands to establish a project on them within two years, otherwise a license to own land is withdrawn from them, therefore it is advised to own agricultural lands in the name of a company and not in the name of individuals, this amendment of the “Tabu” law aims to require foreigners to purchase land in Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey, which maybe It is suitable for agriculture in order to carry out a specific and real project.

  • Removing the condition of “the return” in the purchase of real estate by foreigners. In the past, it was discussed whether the country to which the foreigner belongs allowed the ownership of the Turks in it or not.

  • The Land Registry Law determines the size that a foreigner can possess in Turkey, and this determination depends on the state and the city, and according to the law, the foreigner can own up to 30 hectares and the Ministerial Council has the right to increase this amount to double if he deems it appropriate.

  • Foreigners cannot own property in Turkey within closed military areas, and in security areas, and if they want to own property in areas outside it, they must obtain written permission from military units in that region.

  • Foreigners who own a property in Turkey can obtain a short-term residence for a year, and in the event that this property is not sold, the residence is renewed again for a year, and according to Article 42 of the law, whoever uses this residence for 8 continuous years without interruption, is entitled to Him to obtain permanent residence.

The process of buying and selling real estate in Turkey must take place in the Real Estate Registration Department (Tabu) because every sale or purchase of real estate that does not take place in the Real Estate Registration Department is considered legally null .

If you want to enter the field of real estate investment in Turkey by owning land for sale in Istanbul , we are ready to assist you, and you can also benefit from the guidance of our professional team and completely free of charge, contact now .