Malls and Shopping Centers in Istanbul and Nearby Properties

Istanbul attracts tourists from all over the world over the course of the year, and it is no secret that its economic and tourist importance competes with major European capitals.

Shopping is one of the most important activities for tourists. The visitor is aware that the malls in Istanbul is not just for shopping, it gives him the opportunity to enjoy the modern life that the city is rich with, by its cinemas, entertainment centers, restaurants and Cafes that many people enjoy it and consider them as best places to visit in Istanbul .

Malls and Shopping Centers in Istanbul and Nearby Properties

The researcher which interested in apartments for sale in Istanbul prefer the location of his home to be close to shopping malls, which made construction companies compete with each other to build residential complexes in Istanbul near the best malls in Istanbul, which contribute significantly to raise the value of property in the Turkey real estate market , and now seems to be an opportunity to choose your right property next to the most important malls.

Here is a list of the most important malls in Istanbul , noting that these centers are more than counted in the city.

1- Mall of Istanbul: is one of the most famous malls in the city, built in a style that imitates the spirit of Istanbul. It is located in the modern “Basaksehir” district, which is witnessing great growth and great urban development. It is featured by its luxurious architecture and its glass ceiling which allows for light Daytime entry into the place does not give him a lasting shine. The Mall of Istanbul has more than 350 stores decorated with famous brands and a large indoor gaming city known as “Moipark”, which offers visitors an enjoyable experience of rare excitement enveloped by the spectacular fantasy thrill.

2- Jawaher Istanbul mall: Known as the Mall of Arabs due to the abundance of Arab tourists, it is located in the area of “​​Şişli” in the heart of the old city, decorated with glass roof and a large distinctive watch, with 290 shops of many international brands with 12 theaters and cinemas, and indoor games city. Opened in 2005 to be one of the largest shopping centers with an area of ​​672 thousand square meters. You can find residential projects near Jawahar Mall in EN125 and EN155

3- Venice Mall: featured by its urban style, which resembles the charming city of Venice, consisting of a courtyard of an archeological nature, middle a small industrial river where boats take you to the worlds of Venice elegant. It has many Italian and international restaurants and cafes, and more than 200 stores have the most famous international brands. This luxurious mall is part of the Venice complex, which gives you a choice of accommodation in one of the most prestigious projects in Istanbul, with its strategic location in the “Ghazi Othman Pasha” area. Real estate projects near Venice Mall waiting for your visit are EN113, EN189 and EN183.

4- Sapphire Mall: In the heart of Istanbul, in the business district of “Levant”, Sapphire Mall Tower is located, the second tallest tower in the city, rises 238 m and 54 floors and boasts a number of luxury shops. If you are looking for a property near Sapphire Mall, visit Projects EN136 and EN177.

5- Istinye Park Mall: It is located in one of the most important and prestigious complexes in Istanbul. It has many international and Turkish brands distributed to 300 shops. It also has a cinema role, an indoor games hall and many restaurants and cafes. With its moving glass roof that opens and closes in summer and winter. We recommend you choose your ideal property in one of the projects close to this upscale mall like project EN107.

6- Canyon Mall: Located in the commercial district of “Levant” along 185th Street, and has about 160 shops on an area of ​​37 thousand square meters, and imitates the architecture of the slope of the valley, which means his name to grow in this unique urban style. Choose your near mall property at one of Istanbul’s most vital sites like EN178 and EN107.

7- Via Land Mall: It is one of Istanbul’s most famous malls, with more than 250 shops open in the open air, located in “Eyup” tourist area, increasing its importance in the areas of tourism in Istanbul, which is next to the famous amusement park in Via land which is similar to  famous international Disney land. You can get a property close to Via land Mall in one of the following projects EN183, EN146 and EN167.

Malls and Shopping Centers in Istanbul and Nearby Properties

8- Marmara Park Mall: one of the largest commercial malls in the city, consisting of four floors, and contains 250 shops with restaurants, cafes and cinemas. It is located in the region of “Beylikduzu“, which is witnessing great urban development and is becoming increasingly important in the real estate sector in Istanbul day after day. You can find an apartment close to Marmara Park Mall through the following projects EN144, EN195, EN140, EN119 and EN104.

9- Atakoy Galleria Mall: It is the first modern shopping center on the European side of Istanbul in the Atakoy area, opened in 1988, It has 160 shops, including many international brands, with cinema, skating rink and indoor games room. Close to this mall you can find a suitable property in a project EN130, EN134 and EN187.

10- Forum Istanbul Mall: one of the most beautiful shopping complexes in the city, is a prominent tourist destination. It is one of the largest shopping centers with 300 shops, an indoor games hall, a skating rink, an ice museum and a Lego Land center. There are also aquariums that attract many of its visitors. Looking for a property near the forum Istanbul, you will find it in one of the projects EN138 and EN146.

11- Floria Mall: Located near the Ataturk Airport on an area of ​​50 thousand square meters, it has many famous international brands. It is also close to the famous Flora Park and has a beautiful view of the lake. It is located above the Istanbul Aquarium, which takes you on a magical cruise that will explore all the marine creatures including the huge sharks. Near Floria Mall and its garden you will find projects EN163 waiting for you.

12- 212 Outlet Mall: Located in the “Mahmud Bey” district of “Bagcilar”, it features its bold architecture and its 175 stores as one of the most important shopping centers in the city. It has a 3-D cinema, a ski area and a games room with many restaurants and cafés.

13- Historia Mall: Located in the central and very vital area of ​​”Fatih”, which gives it strategic importance and makes its visitors increase with the increase in the number of tourists, especially Arabs, despite its relatively small size, and includes many high-end brands, with restaurants and cafes. Near the Historia Mall, residential projects are EN130, EN199 and EN187.

14- Metro City Mall: The designer is named after a long underground subway, directly below the metro station. It has about 140 shops, including local and international Turkish brands, with cinemas, restaurants and cafes, which are famous for their excellent Turkish dishes.

15- Akmerkez Mall: One of the most important shopping malls in Istanbul , opened in 1993, an area of ​​180 thousand square meters, and has a creative design in the form of a triangle connecting two residential towers. And includes 240 shops with the most famous brands with the world of entertainment, cinema, restaurants and cafes.

16- Akbatı Mall: Located in the “Bahcesehir” area, one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul because of the spread of gardens and large green areas. It includes 200 stores, nine cinemas, children’s playgrounds and international restaurants. As an entertainment center, this mall is an annual marathon with many theater performances for children and events suitable for adults and children. Close to this luxury mall are many important residential projects, including EN106, EN103, EN122 and EN115.

Istanbul has a large number of luxury malls serving the population and tourists in terms of commercial shopping and is an entertainment center for the enjoyment of all, and proximity to these malls is an indicator of the rise in property prices and increasing importance, as many people want to live close to shopping centers Which gives them a sense of modern and sophisticated life.

In particular, Arabs and Arabian Gulf tourists, who make up a large proportion of the tourists coming to Istanbul, prefer to shop around in luxury malls, buy souvenirs or even spend time.

For those looking for real estate in Istanbul, you can find out about the nearest shopping malls to them. You can see many of the projects near the best malls in Istanbul . Contact us now.