More Than 4000 Properties in Turkey Were Sold to Foreigners During July 2019

The Turkish real estate market continues to make leaps and bounds in the real estate sector. It is enough to look at the statistics of the real estate market in Turkey for the first half of 2019, and all the previous statistics, in order to get a clear idea about the magnitude and durability of this market. Its steadfastness in the face of all the tremors and variables, and even the extent of the horizon that awaits in the very near future.

More Than 4000 Properties in Turkey Were Sold to Foreigners During July 2019

In order to gain more visibility and confidence in the promising Turkish real estate market, here are official statistics on the latest details of the Turkish real estate market and its activities, especially among foreigners wishing to acquire Turkish real estate for housing, work or investment.

More than 4000 properties for foreigners

The Turkish Statistics Authority recently released its monthly data on the real estate sector in Turkey, and according to the data released, the sector witnessed an increase in its sales by 66.7% for the month of July, compared to June of this year. According to the statistics, Istanbul topped the list of the best-selling cities with 17,276 properties, followed by the Turkish capital Ankara with 9,491 properties, and Izmir came in third with 5576 properties.

The percentage of houses sold to foreigners in July increased by 46.7% compared to the same month last year, which shows the growth of the Turkish real estate market steadily and strongly despite the economic shocks, where the number of properties sold to foreigners in July amounted to 4192 For foreigners as well, Istanbul topped the list of Turkey’s best-selling cities with 1903 properties, followed by Antalya in second place with 764 properties, third with Ankara with 249 properties, followed by Bursa with 217 properties, then Yalova in fifth grade with 177 properties.

The Iraqi community topped the list of foreign communities buying the most Turkish real estate by buying 734 houses, followed by Iranians with 464 properties, followed by Kuwaitis third by buying 219 properties, and fourth Saudis by 218 properties, and the Russians by buying 215 properties.

Increased share of foreigners in the Turkish real estate market

According to statistics for the first half of this year, four out of every 100 properties were sold to foreigners in Turkey, while the share of foreigners in total property sales has increased fourfold compared to the last six years. During the first half of this year to 505,796 properties, a huge number by all standards.

As a list of the share of foreigners in Turkish real estate during the past six years, statistics started in 2013 by only one percent as a share of foreigners in the purchase of Turkish real estate, followed by 1.63 percent in 2014, then 1.77 percent in 2015, then 1.63 percent in 2016, and 1.58 percent in 2017, then 2.88 percent in 2018, up to 3.94 percent for the current year 2019, despite the inflation of the Turkish lira, which did not affect the Turkish real estate market, but revived more.

The focus on home sales to foreigners has become very important in Turkey in the past period, and statistics show that foreigners pay about $ 150 thousand on average for a Property in turkey . Therefore, every 10,000 units sold to foreigners in Turkey are estimated to be worth about $ 1.5 billion in foreign exchange earnings. Demand for Turkish real estate by foreigners increased after the issuance of amendments to the new Turkish Citizenship Law in 2017, which allowed the acquisition of Turkish citizenship immediately for every foreigner who owns a real estate in turkey worth 250 thousand dollars and above.

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