Property Document in Turkey “Tabu”

Newcomers to the real estate world of Turkey often hear the word “Tabu” repeated in several positions concerning the property they are asking for or want to acquire, and with the increasing infinite and growing demand on the Turkish real estate market according to the latest official statistics, we have to We show you everything about “Tabu” in Turkey, its nature, types, cost and the various cases associated with its extraction and acquisition.

Property Document in Turkey "Tabu"

Tabu is simply: the Property document, the official paper that must be obtained by the owner to prove ownership of this specific property, as well as information about the property, and the numbers of the real estate survey, and determine the location of the property, and this document is regulated by the Directorate of Land Registry To the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Cities.

Important information about the Tabu

We should know that the Tapo is given only to the owner. Persons with other rights in the property other than the right to own property, such as the owner or the current one, are not given the landmark Property document, and if the property is owned by more than one person, only one bond is granted, detailed from The share of each person in the property is also considered as the partners in the same property.

Attention should also be given to determining the type of property that is being registered or owned during the extraction of the Tabu. For example, a property can be sold as a dwelling, whereas it has already been registered with the Land Registry under a commercial real estate register. Real estate records, in order to avoid future problems while paying fees or taxes related to this property, and for more information on how to avoid risks when buying a property in Istanbul , you can review this blog.

Attention should also be given to obtaining the necessary licenses for the property owned, such as: Easement Floor, and ownership of the floor, and must be found in the case of residential buildings, and must review both the municipality to which the records of the property, and the Department of Real Estate Records , For other additional terms, if any.

Tabu fees

The real estate registry fee – or the Tabu fee – is an important factor that must be considered before buying the property, as it amounts to 4 percent of the price of the property. The buyer bears only half of those fees, so it is necessary to agree in advance between the parties on how to pay this amount, and in the case of an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, it is necessary to determine the commission that the broker will receive, in addition to the expenses incurred when paying the sale fees of the property.

Property Document in Turkey "Tabu"

Types of Tabu in Turkey

  • Agricultural Tabu: Field real estate or agricultural land is the land that the owner has the right to carry out any agricultural or pastoral work within it is known as the Property document of ownership of this type of land blue taboo, as distinct from the red Tabu for residential units, but sometimes may be agricultural land in Tabu bonds have recently acquired the status of reconstruction due to a change in the reconstruction plan in the region, while remaining on the bond as agricultural land due to lack of revision to change the sex of the property, in which case the information must be provided by the municipalities concerned.

  • Building documents: In this type of taboo, the general information of the real estate is mentioned, without mentioning the information about the independent sections of the property, which means that the property is registered as a single block, not separate sections, such as independent houses, warehouses and factories.

  • Real estate easement document: Tabu bonds that register each section of the real estate separately, so that a suitable project is planned for construction on a designated piece of land, then the approval of the construction is taken, and then the project is divided into separate sections such as apartments within a single building, and regulates each section A special Property document showing the location of the independent section and its information without considering whether the project was started or not. The sex of the property is mentioned in such bonds as construction or agricultural land due to the non-completion of the construction of the project. Property document of the property.

  • Floor property document: obtained to show that the owner has the right of ownership on the specified floor of the building. The land registry is a proof that the entire building has been constructed in accordance with the Building Law. The construction contractor to obtain the necessary financing for the project, this record specifies the shares of the property and the share of each owner.

  • Full property document: Property documents that register the ownership of real estate after the completion of the establishment completely, and the independent sections are appointed with the approval of the use of each section separately, and each section is organized a full Property document of its own, proving the Property document of the owner of the bond on the independent section in the said building Property documents of ownership and easement shall be different from the Property documents of agricultural lands and land suitable for reconstruction in terms of the information contained therein, where the Property document of the apartment or the independent section and its location in the building and its share of the land on which the building is built, and in the absence of such information in the land It means that The property in question has not yet received the full right of ownership or right of property easement.

  • Housing approval: This is the approval issued by the municipality for buildings that are constructed according to specific criteria. It proves that the building in question has been constructed according to what was stated in the approved construction project. Fire and emergency ladders, and the building should be earthquake resistant, and the availability of sufficient fire extinguishers within the building and others, and the task of obtaining housing approval is the contractor or construction company executing the project, and after obtaining the housing approval, the bonds of all buyers are converted into Property document.

  • Transitional property: is the right of ownership in the property for a specific period of the year. For example, the transitional ownership of a property is defined as 7, 10 or 15 days of the year. The owner has all the rights of sale, lease and assignment to other persons.

  • Joint Real Estate Registration: is a modern procedure of its kind in which the property is registered in the name of more than one person at the same time, and this application is one of the new Istanbul real estate investment tools in the real estate market in Turkey, where more than one person can own the same property, and is in This type of real estate registry restriction registers the property at equal or different rates among partners as they wish.

  • Commercial Real Estate Registration: This must be obtained in case the property is intended for commercial activities. Real estate of this type includes offices, shops, warehouses and the like, as well as residences whose use has been converted from housing to commercial use. From using the property on the land registry.

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