Statistics for Real Estate Market in Turkey in the Third Quarter of 2019

The huge urban leap in the real estate market in Turkey a decade ago continues to grow day by day, and we have talked about the developments in the real estate market in Turkey in 2018, those developments summarized by the continuous growth effectively for many reasons are now known for far and near. Turkey, which is rising on all levels and which is one of the most important pillars of its economy, has become a destination for investors looking for a profitable and safe Istanbul property investment environment. It has also become a magnet for those who want a safe and secure life in the midst of a picturesque nature and a conservative society.

Statistics for Real Estate Market in Turkey in the Third Quarter of 2019

First quarter of 2019:

The real estate sector continued to grow, with sales of foreign property to 9,618 properties, Istanbul ranked first in the list of best-selling cities of the property, and Iraqis ranked first among foreign nationalities owned in Turkey Istanbul properties in particular.

Second quarter of 2019:

The Turkish Statistics Authority released the second quarter statistics, which recorded a slight decline in apartments for sale in turkey , foreign purchases amounted to 13 thousand 338 real estate and Istanbul remained the first among cities and Iraqis remained the first among foreigners looking for real estate in Turkey.

You can find out the details of the first half of 2019 in this blog that we have created for you to be informed by official figures that show you the real estate market movement in Istanbul in particular and in Turkey in general.

Third quarter of 2019:

Statistics of the Turkish Statistical Commission have returned to rise by July of this year, as the percentage of houses sold to foreigners increased by 46.7 percent compared with the same month last year. The number of houses bought by foreigners in July 2019 There were 4,192 houses in Istanbul alone, 1,903 houses, followed by Antalya with 764 houses, Ankara with 249 houses, Bursa with 217 houses and Yalova with 177 houses.

Statistics for Real Estate Market in Turkey in the Third Quarter of 2019

The Iraqis also maintained the leadership of the list of foreigners buying the most property in Turkey, or even whom buy property in Istanbul turkey where they registered 734 houses in their name, then the Iranians 464 properties, Kuwaitis 218 properties and Russians 215 properties.

These indicators continued to rise in August of the same year, which increased by 5.1 compared to the same month last year.

Istanbul remained the first with an increase of 14.4% and 15,881 properties sold, followed by Ankara with an increase of 9.7% and 10,707 properties sold and Izmir with an increase of 5.5%.

The Iraqis top the list, buying 675 properties, followed by Iranians 469, Russians 212, Kuwaitis 159, and Germans 149.

Therefore, the prices of Istanbul apartments compared to the price of apartments in Turkey because of the constant demand for the city of Istanbul, which was and continues to be a center of attraction is very important tourist, historical, geographic and economic.

The figures in this article officially confirm that the Turkish real estate market movement continues to rise promising, and because we are keen to put the latest developments of this movement in your hands, we bring to you the latest data issued by official authorities, and draw your attention to the fact that the rising demand for real estate in the world Istanbul and there is a rise in real estate investment Turkey .

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