Ten Advices to Save Money While Buying a Property in Turkey

Finding your property in Istanbul at a reasonable price and a successful buying experience requires a lot of research and knowledge. For those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, they should follow the real estate news and advice provided by experts, as a first step to submit to his project is consciously and consistently, and in this article, we provide ten advices to help save money at the time of purchase.

Ten Advices to Save Money While Buying a Property in Turkey

  1. Choose your trusted real estate agent so as not to fall prey to fraud or purchase at an exaggerated price and then find yourself have lost the first payment or lost the price of the whole property, and for this you have to compare the agents and their real estate and consult their former customers to reach the appropriate choice It provides you with the right advice and advice in the field of real estate in Turkey, and reliable real estate in Istanbul  companies provide the necessary legal advice through lawyers in the company.

  2. Look at the Turkish laws concerning the options of foreigners to buy a property in Turkey, for example, the foreigner is not entitled to buy his property in security or strategic areas, and is not entitled to buy land with an area of ​​more than 2.5 hectares, and this will help your lawyer.

  3. If you want to buy your property in cash, you must be sure of the readiness of the amount and balance between your budget and the property of your choice in terms of location, area and specifications. The prices of apartments in Istanbul vary by location first and then the specifications of these apartments, which vary between old and new and between large and small and view and services.

  4. If you want to buy a property under construction, which is a very popular choice among those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, because of the flexibility and installments, you must be sure to be able to meet the installments on time, to be the first payment of the price the property you are ready for is a good thing but you have to think about the installments, so the agreement with the construction company should be based on what suits you best and you should know that some of the properties under construction may delay their delivery companies so do not forget to mention the penalty clause on contract in case of late delivery. Many people want to find apartments for sale in Istanbul by installments, which is a really good opportunity. To help you choose, read our article Best apartments in Istanbul ready or under construction?

  5. Take advantage of discount offers, so follow the news of real estate, especially in the area where you want to buy your property, and your real estate agent will help you in knowing the times of rebates that suit you, buying a property in a project just launched will give you the opportunity to get the best prices, as well as when finishing construction the company offers many offers, and some companies offer a discount of between 10 and 15% for those who make full payments at once.

Ten Advices to Save Money While Buying a Property in Turkey

  1. Do not rush into the purchase contract and make sure that you can complete the sale and make payments in a timely manner, and for this you must get rid of your previous debts so as not to accumulate debt with the premiums are forced to not complete the contract.

  2. Make sure the legal validity of your property, such as being registered in the land registry “Tabu”, with the clarity of the price of the property for sale in Istanbul and register the contract with the writer justly.

  3. Bring yourself during the conclusion of the contract and inspect your property yourself, it is necessary for those who want to buy a property in Turkey to travel to them, even for a few days to inspect the property himself and to attend the contract session.

  4. Negotiate as much as possible to ensure yourself to get the best price possible, finding apartments for sale in cheap Istanbul is a difficult choice with the end of the city and the variety of housing projects, so be sure to choose the area near your place of work or serviced by many transports.

  5. Do not forget to ask about maintenance fees and services of the apartment you will buy, as the services of some apartments to numbers that may seem large to you, clarify well about this information before you complete the purchase contract.

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