The Future of Construction Growth in Beylikduzu Istanbul

Beylikduzu that lies in the European side of Istanbul is growing in the construction sector as to match European cities with its wide streets, broad pavements, plenty of plants and trees, in addition to the luxury buildings projects.

According to the HPI House Price Index in Turkey, houses in Beylikduzu were recorded of the highest price all over Turkey. Beylikduzu is 360 km2  with 315,000 residents most of whom are university graduates and well-educated.

The Future of Construction Growth in Beylikduzu Istanbul

Location and Transportation:

Beylikduzu is located on the western European side of Istanbul, near Atatürk Airport. It is a central area that is easily connected to other parts of Istanbul due to availability of convenient and comfortable transportation means. Beylikduzu is close to Marmara sea, high class Avcılar district, Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt as well as Buyukcekmece lake.

Beylikduzu is on the BRT Line (Bus Rapid Transit Line); metrobus E5 and within the new metro and new port projects that are expected to increase the houses’ prices after completion.

The area has gone through rapid construction growth and become a significant real estate marketplace with variety of choices that meet clients’ demands for apartments for sale in Istanbul, be it cheap apartments or luxurious ones. This growth in the construction sector in that area is the result of many factors:

  • Services and residential complexes:
    A number of modern construction projects were carried out in Beylikduzu to construct luxury residential complexes in a distinguished administrative and organizational planning. Thanks to its soil characteristics, skyscrapers could be constructed to characterize the area with modernity and elevation. It has become an ideal place to live were all  life requirements are available, prestigious universities, Arabic and international schools, governmental institutions and health care centers. It attracts middle class people due to its privileged location, high level service, houses appropriate and various prices. As known, price is the most important motivator for the purchaser, and as we are in ESTATE NATION working to serve our clients the best way, we offer you a list of
    the most important projects in Beylikduzu.

  • Wide green spaces:
    Gives the area more and more beauty and charm as to match European cities in terms of the green space per person. Getting to know that this area was called Park during the days of Ottoman Empire, we can realize the role of its nature in the fabulous greenery. Being close to Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece gulf allows many real estate projects to provide the apartments with a wonderful overview of the sea,  which turns competition in construction sector so tense and consequently makes Beylikduzu district that attractive to real estate investment in Turkey.

  • Variety of amenities centers:
    Beylikduzu is a place that is rich with amenities places. In addition to the various sport centers, libraries, and Beylikduzu Municipality swimming pool, there is a lot of vocational wonderful choices for tourism such as:

  1. Buyukcekmece beach, the longest zero cars beach in Istanbul, where various water sports can be done. Cleanness of sea water and being close to luxurious resorts are of the characteristics of that beach.

  2. Sultan Suleiman palace (lead palace): so called due to its high domes made of lead. It is an Ottoman heritage architecture masterpiece.

  3. Buyukcekmece Bridge: designed above Buyukcekmece lake by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan at the demand Sultan Suleyman in 1566. It reflects the beauty of unique Ottoman architecture art.

  4. Kulliyesi House: built on Büyükçekmece beach at the demand of Sultan suleyman for the purpose of Balkan campaigns in particular. It had been renovated in 1998 and named as Culture Park.

  5. Shopping centers: including supermarket like Carrefour, Migros and Marmara Park Mall, which make the district vital and modern.

  6. Conferences and Exhibition center TUYAP: where lots of trade and cultural fairs are held annually. Being close to this center is one of the reasons behind houses’ high prices there.

  7. Charming nature of greenness and the sea in addition to fascinating history tours along with modernity and luxury.
    Above all you can enjoy fresh air of healthy Beylikduzu that is far away from industrial areas. It is now time to have an apartment in Beylikduzu.

The Future of Construction Growth in Beylikduzu Istanbul

The future of construction growth in Beylikduzu:

Recently growing Beylikduzu in the construction sector can be said to be a real revolution in the real estate field. The area has moved from simple building to modern and luxury. Prices has gone through an unprecedented increase along with the increase in demand on Beylikduzu apartments due to it popularity. The demand for real estate leases has also increased granting Beylikduzu another investment advantage.

Beylikduzu has really become an attractive place for local and foreign investors who are looking for safe investment such as buying under construction realty or even having a share in trade and investment projects there.

Appropriate prices make the purchasing opportunity higher and more attractive for ideal investment in a vital area like Beylikduzu.

The future of this district seems to be promising especially with the completion of the Metro and Port projects, which are expected to make realty prices take a quantum leap upward.

Investment journey in Istanbul is in-explicit. We are happy to help you to uncover its secrets.

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