The Importance of Decoration When You Buy Property in Turkey

It is normal that everyone in the real estate market in Turkey are interested in the decorations of the Turkish houses with a distinctive character and special identity. Many of the features of these decorations belong to the Ottoman style at some times and belong to the nature of Turkish taste at other times.

The Importance of Decoration When You Buy Property in Turkey

These decorations have become widely known in the Arab world, and its wide audience, especially after the Arabs have been closely acquainted with these aesthetic styles that add a touch of elegance and luxury to the Turkish urbanism with charming simplicity.

Those who want to invest in real estate in the area of ​​furnished apartments or tourist rental tend to pay attention to this aspect that attracts tenants, especially tourists who choose to live in hotel apartments, and tend to apartments with luxury and attractive decorations that give them the opportunity of tourist accommodation distinctive.

Now is the time to find apartments for sale in Istanbul at the European side, which is a high investment opportunity especially with the popularity of the rental market of hotel apartments in tourist areas.

the decoration of the house should take into view all interest of their guests and their lifestyle. Hotel houses are different from homes for large families and different from those of a small family.

The decoration of the house is subject to other considerations, including the nature of the area where the property is located, whether it is part of a residential complex or villa or is an independent apartment, as well as the size of the apartment and its breadth.

The Importance of Decoration When You Buy Property in Turkey

Features of Turkish decoration:

Most Turkish decoration tends to be a collection of attributes and form their own character, which are listed below to help investors interested in furnished apartments for sales in Istanbul to realize how the Turks make their own identity.

  1. Turkish flat and simple furniture away from the complex decoration, with the frequent use of wooden storage and tables that play a role in the decoration and a key role in the use.

  2. The carpet, especially bearing the inscriptions and ornaments dating back to the Ottoman era, is one of the most important pillars of Turkish decoration.

  3. Light curtains that add a sense of space, especially with the colors of light walls with simple patterns that print the place the nature of calm and comfort.

  4. Green plants, which are an essential part of the Turkish decor and add a pleasant natural aesthetic with a sense of simplicity and calm.

  5. Ottoman elements such as fur, leather, copper, silver, and special Ottoman inscriptions in carpets, curtains and floors.

  6. Mirrors that give the place breadth and extra space and depth, with aesthetic touch and artistic decorations.

  7. Warm lighting with multiple levels, which controls the degrees of shadow and light and gives the apartment aesthetic identity.

  8. Wall clock and distinctive wall paintings that date back to the classical era and increase the heritage of the place and luxury.

In general, all these features and many others together constitute the features of Turkish decorations, which have become a weight and character in the world of decorations in general, which sometimes intervene in determining the price of the property or give the property additional importance in the rental market, and play a role in increasing the area of ​​the property through Invest the spaces properly.

It is therefore very important to take care of this aspect, which is no longer secondary, as some might think, but has become of fundamental importance in the real estate world.

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