The Most Five Buying Areas of The Property in Istanbul for Foreigners

Choosing your property in a vast city like Istanbul may seem difficult, especially with the diversity of life in Istanbul, and from our experience in ESTATE NATION We shorten search distances, and put in your hands the best-selling areas in Istanbul for foreigners, those areas that attract them for different considerations.

The Most Five Buying Areas of The Property in Istanbul for Foreigners

New “Esenyurt” area:

Esenyurt is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul among foreigners especially Arabs, this area is crowded with Arabs who want to find apartments for sale in Istanbul cheap and modern at the same time, you can easily find this option in the Esenyurt area.

Esenyurt is located on the modern metro line and connects it to the area of Basaksehir, has become part of the modern transportation projects that have raised it and made it more attractive to seekers of real estate in Turkey.

Esenyurt features beautiful gardens, social services, health facilities, educational facilities and universities, it is also close to the Tuyab exhibition and the Beylikduzu area.

The demand for apartments for sale in the “Esenyurt” area has increased recently, and there is no need to wait any longer, and the reasonable prices in the area continue to rise.

“Beylikdüzü” area:

In the Beylikduzu region, a real urban revolution has recently taken place, the area’s popularity among foreigners has increased significantly, also Real estate in Beylikduzu recorded the highest increase in real estate value in all of Turkey.

Beylikduzu is located near the metro line, it is also part of the new Metro and New Port projects, which are booming in the area near the Sea of Marmara, and those who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul with sea view, can find it in this area at reasonable prices.

Beylikduzu area is characterized by the availability of health services, transportation, universities and near shopping and entertainment centers, it also features the Tuyab Center for Exhibitions and Conferences.

Beylikduzu built according to a modern administrative planning scheme, backed by strong infrastructure, and with characteristics comparable to European cities in terms of vast natural areas, today, it has become one of the best-selling real estate areas in Istanbul thanks to its distinguished qualifications, , and its luxury construction projects.

The Most Five Buying Areas of The Property in Istanbul for Foreigners

“Basaksehir” area:

The famous district of Basaksehir is one of the most popular areas of Istanbul’s property market, where the calm atmosphere and the conservative environment and high-end living, with transport providing access to the most dynamic areas of Istanbul.

Basaksehir area near the new Istanbul Canal (Bosporus II), is considered a good investment destination as real estate experts expect prices to double in the region after completion of this project.

In addition to the availability of various services and facilities, the area of Basaksehir is characterized by its high architectural style that attracts those who desire this distinctive lifestyle.

The search for apartments for sale in the spectacular area of Basaksehir is an opportunity within the current prices, which is expected to increase to the fold in the coming period.

“Zeytinburnu” area:

Zeytinburnu area is a real transport complex in Istanbul, where metrobus, tramways and metro meets together, and it is a vibrant area full of jobs opportunities, for this reasons the foreigners and the young people attend to this area, in which there are many youth housing buildings.

This area is ideal for expatriates, investors are also often looking for apartments for sale in high-density Zeytinburnu, and the distinctive sea view of the Sea of Marmara.

The ESTATE NATION team has compiled a list of the most important residential projects in Zeytinburnu, helping you reach your right property.

“Basin Express” Luxury Area:

Basin Express area is dynamic with the most modern and fast transportation network in Istanbul, and close to Istanbul’s new airport and Ataturk airport, and the rise of skyscrapers and luxury buildings distinguished by the modernity of construction and beauty, and advanced residential complexes.

It also offers all the vital services and facilities it provides to become the new center of Istanbul, with modern transportation projects in the city.

The growth of the Basin Express region has reached the surrounding areas, such as the Gunesli district of Bagcilar municipality, and continues to grow with the Yenibosna neighborhood.

Basin Express includes the most upscale offices, and attracting investors to establish their businesses and real estate, and the young people and families attend to this area for its variety of properties based on strong infrastructure.

Basin Express is one of the most important real estate projects in Istanbul, it provides all that the ambitious investor needs, and the modern man of modernity, sophistication, facilities and services.

All of the above mentioned areas are eligible for family housing services, facilities and residents, it is also a great investment choice because of its promising future, you can get more details by contacting us. Call now.