The New International Financial District in Istanbul

Turkey is moving confidently towards the implementation of the terms of its plan aimed at its ignorance, one of the top ten countries economically by the year 2023, and seeks to increase its share in global GDP and to develop and increase foreign direct investment in it, and aims to make the strategically located city of Istanbul a global financial center. To this end, it is building the International Financial District project in Istanbul.

The Turkish government recently announced the date of the opening of the Istanbul International Financial Center at the beginning of 2022, and this came in a statement made by the Head of the Finance Office of the Turkish Presidency, “Göksel Ashan”, to Anadolu Agency.

The New International Financial District in Istanbul

The government coordination authority had prepared a work and construction plan for the project, and it was approved by a decision of the Supreme Council for Planning in 2009, and the work plan is being organized by the President of the Republic by Presidential Decree No. 27568 of May 2010.

The financial center is being built on a land area of ​​approximately 3 million and 200 thousand square meters, in the Asian section of Istanbul, in an area located between the “Atasehir” and “Umraniye” neighborhoods, and it is considered a strategic location in Istanbul.

Hawk International has designed the financial center, and the company’s master plan is based on four distinct landscapes focusing on culture, commerce, civic jobs, and governance. The construction design takes a new modern structure that surpasses its competitors in the Middle East and Africa region, as the project includes housing islands divided into different sizes, in addition to indoor playgrounds, commercial areas and open spaces in a position that allows them to surround all building blocks and islands, in addition to green spaces and areas. Common public.

Its buildings will include the main offices of the parties controlling the financial markets in the country, all state banks as well as private sector banks, a large number of hotels, a parking garage and a conference hall, in addition to 45 million square feet of office space and residential units.

The financial center is concerned with several tasks, including: opening the doors to potential foreign investments in the market, providing the facilities required to obtain licenses, pumping information related to investment sectors, protecting investments with a set of laws that regulate, in addition to the significant positive impact that the opening of a financial center in Istanbul will have from improvement. In the living standards of the area. This improvement will attract foreign investment. It will benefit Turkey and the global economy.

The city of Istanbul has the largest share of the huge economic projects implemented by the Turkish state, and these projects include Istanbul International Airport and the new Istanbul Canal. It also achieved an increase in real estate investments and ranked first in real estate sales in Turkey as a whole last year, and it is worth noting that Istanbul comes in second place in the list of most populated cities in the world with a population of 13.5 million people. All this made the city one of the most important global cities that receive great attention and the world’s attention is directed to it. And prepare it to be one of the global financial centers.

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